Planets and Elements in the Chakras

The seven planets unite the four elements through the traditional rulership of the zodiac signs, which can be extended to the chakras. Vedic astrology has explored the relationship between the planetary rulers and the chakras. This duality, which is fundamental to mystical experience. This can be paralleled with the Tree of Life. In the diagram below you see the three columns of the Tree of Life with the chakras.

Chakras and Astrology
Chakra Severity Balance Mercy
Third Eye Cancer Moon, Sun Leo
Throat Centre Gemini Mercury Virgo
Heart Centre Taurus Venus Libra
Navel Centre Aries Mars Scorpio
Sex Centre Pisces Jupiter Sagittarius
Root Centre Aquarius Saturn Capricorn

Elemental Polarities

The Caduceus and the Tree of Life, from The Book of ThothEach planet unites inimical elements in alternate phases. This alternating polarity can be visualised as having a three dimensional quality: two spirals around a centre, which recalls this diagram as it appears in The Book of Thoth. The Caduceus is found on the Fool card of the Thoth Tarot. Note that Kether and the seventh or Head centre (both known as the Crown), transcend time. The Moon and Sun appear at 3 and 2 respectively on this diagram, which is quite appropriate, being the Mother and Father in the Tree of Life.

The characteristics of the planets relate to the chakras thus:

Sun, Moon

Right and Left eyes. Will and feeling, reason and emotion


Speech and intellect


Love and heart


Energy, drives and passions


Reproductive system


Elimination and support

The relationship between the planets, the chakras can be extended to understanding the exaltation of the planets.

Exalted Planets
Chakra   Exalt Ruler   Exalt
Third Eye Cancer Jupiter MoonSun Leo  
Throat Centre Gemini   Mercury Virgo Mercury
Heart Centre Taurus Moon Venus Libra Saturn
Navel Centre Aries Sun Mars Scorpio  
Sex Center Pisces Venus Jupiter Sagittarius  
Root Centre Aquarius   Saturn Capricorn Mars

The Lunar relationship to the exalted planets are:


The spiritual nature as Guru or guide in the Water element


The receptive nature in the heart


The connection with the Solar plexus



The Solar relationship to the exalted planets are:


More expressive in speech


Represents the higher principles of justice, law, order and detachment


The energy needed to motivate the physical levels

Further analysis can be made concerning the elements and exaltations:

Elements and Exaltations
Cancer MoonSun Leo Jupiter  
Gemini Mercury Virgo Mercury  
Taurus Venus Libra Saturn Moon
Aries Mars Scorpio Sun  
Pisces Jupiter Sagittarius Venus  
Aquarius Saturn Capricorn Mars  
  • In their exalted positions, Jupiter and Mercury increase the same energies.
  • Saturn increase the same energies, but the Moon mitigates things somewhat with the water element - Fire is missing
  • The Sun adds fiery energy to Mars and Scorpio - Air and Earth is missing.
  • The elements of Venus balances Pisces and Sagittarius
  • The elements of Mars balances Aquarius and Saturn
  • Note only Mars and Venus complements their exalted positions and creates elemental balance.


Convert the tables above into the appropriate Tarot cards.