Quadrant Patterns in the Zodiac Wheel

Here are some easy guidelines for planetary patterns when using all 78 tarot cards in an astrological spread. The horoscope can be divided into quadrants, and if there is a majority of planets in a particular sector, general statements can be made.

Meanings of the Quadrants

The notes below concern the planets, but you may find relevance when looking at the Court Cards too.

1,2,3,10,11,12: Sector East

The querent is self-determined, able to choose own lifestyle, social life and career. A time for new endeavours and experiences. Freedom to make choices rather than being obliged to others.

4,5,6,7,8,9: Sector West

The querent is largely influenced by the actions of others. Opportunities arise through the activities and circumstances of others.

7,8,9,10,11,12: Sector South Above

Actions take place in the full view of the world. An objective view of life. Emphasis on being pushed around, controlled, or victimised by experiences in the world swept away by events. A tendency to extroversion. A lack of stability or anchor.

1,2,3,4,5,6,7: Sector North Below

A subjective view of life. Unfinished business in the early home life. The planets are below the horizon, lack of visibility. Need for privacy and subjectivity.

The descriptions above can be combined into quadrants - for example, if there is a majority of planets in the First, Second and Third Houses, you can synthesize the descriptions of East and North Below.