Difference between Astrology and Tarot

Ever wondered what the difference between astrology and tarot is? This article highlights the main differences between astrology and tarot.  There are many people out there that believe these two disciplines are the same.  First I want to describe each discipline in detail.  I will then discuss the main differences. Continue reading “Difference between Astrology and Tarot”

An alternative Magical Circle

There are other magical circles…

He stood tall in the circle facing east. Continue reading “An alternative Magical Circle”

The Supernal Triangle and the Fool

The Supernal Triangle is made up of Kether, Chokmah and Binah, from which the Tzimtzum, or Light in Extension projects.

Significantly, this symbol is used in Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot in ways that reflect the Golden Dawn Teachings. Continue reading “The Supernal Triangle and the Fool”

The Fool and the Pole Star

The Pole Star demonstrates evidence of the influence of Papus in Crowley’s commentaries on the Fool, the Ace of Disks and the Princess of Disks in particular. Continue reading “The Fool and the Pole Star”

The Strings in The Tarot and the Magus

The strings of the four element piles of the first stage of the Opening of the Key tarot spread, found in my book, The Tarot and the Magus, but were too long to include. Only the Earth string was fully explored. Continue reading “The Strings in The Tarot and the Magus”