About Paul Hughes-Barlow

Supertarot.co.uk was my first ever website, created after my frustration at not being able to find any information on the Opening of the Key tarot spread online. I later added an astrology section, and the divinatory meanings of the tarot cards.

Interested in having a tarot reading from me? Please get in touch!

One of the primary aims of the site was to get a publisher, and early on I got one, and my first book, The Tarot and the Magus was the result. My second book is Beyond the Celtic Cross co-written with Catherine Chapman.

The website grew and went through a number of incarnations before I realised it was getting too unwieldy and losing focus, so I created newtarot.com to reflect my other interests in magic and spirituality. Recently I also created paulhughesbarlow.com to reflect my own personal views and interests outside tarot.

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About Paul Hughes-Barlow on Supertarot
About Paul Hughes-Barlow and Supertarot, focussing on the meanings and powers of the tarot and the Opening of the Key Tarot spread.

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