14 Art – Book of Thoth

Art divinatory meanings

When strong, Art indicates balance and harmony in the life of the client. He is able to more than cope with what is going on around him and things run smoothly. There is a powerful aspirational component, in that upward desires are likely to manifested. These include passing examinations, being freer, foreign travel, and meeting one’s guru. A weak Art card shows an inability to cope with what is happening in the client’s life. There is undue complexity, which is unravelled otherwise there is  a ‘stuck’ feeling. The client may feel overcome with problems and difficulties.

Book of Thoth – Art

Pour thine all freely from the Vase in thy right hand, and lose no drop. Hath not thy left hand a vase?

Transmute all wholly into the Image of thy Will, bringing each to its true token of Perfection.

Dissolve the Pearl in the Wine-cup; drink, and make manifest the Virtue of that Pearl.

Magical Formula


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  1. Julian Leon

    Hi Paul, I really love this site. Looks like the “more meanings” links (liber-777) are broken on all cards.

  2. dee maa

    what happened to the elaborate ouspensky explanations? does anyone else think those are the best of all? i refer all my questions to this site on the thoth deck but ouspensky is incredible in his insight into the depths of the cards.

    • ar1cz

      The problem is that Ouspensky is pretending to have had visions about the tarot when in fact he had the cards in front of him

      • dee maa

        I really like your explanations Paul when it comes to doing readings for others who don’t know much about the cards or their history or associations with other cards. As for myself, who has listened to several hundred talks by jiddu krishnamurti and read most of crowlie’s books on the matter, the ouspensky explanations you had up before made sense to me. Thanks for replying to me though. Thank you for devoting so much of your time to make this site.

  3. Thistle

    Thank you dear dear Paul for sharing with anyone called to your site.


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