Coronavirus and Tarot

Coronavirus will affect how we read the tarot for our clients. Online tarot readings obviously don’t have that problem, and personally I find distance tarot readings often work better than face to face. Still, many clients visit me personally in Brighton, and hopefully lockdown will not last forever.

Coronavirus and face to face tarot readings

Many clients prefer face to face readings, and coronavirus will affect how we do readings for them. Social distancing makes things different. Tarot readings are often performed in an intimate small space, but we may have to maintain distance – a bigger table or room for example. Face masks may have to be worn.

Clients should be free of symptoms of the coronavirus, and if they have had covid-19, they should wait for 7 to 10 days, or whatever the government advice. This applies to tarot readers too.

I have always allowed the client to shuffle the cards, but the situation has changed, and clients will not want to the handle the cards anyway. If as a tarot reader you have the infection you should never handle any tarot deck until 7 to 10 days after you are free of symptoms. Self isolate your tarot deck.

Tarot and sanitizers

If you did handle your tarot deck while having symptoms that deck will probably have to be retired – get a new deck – they are not that expensive. Sanitizers will probably damage your cards, but you can experiment. Alternatively you may use a cheaper deck and dispose when it gets dirty with handling.

You should keep your private deck separate from the deck you use for others.

Clients bringing their own tarot decks is not an option either – you don’t want their cards to infect your table do you? Even if you did use their cards they would have to shuffle and place the cards on the table, which is can bring infection.

Clean and sanitize your table surface at least daily. Regularly wash the table cloth.

Have two sanitizers on the table – one for clients, and one exclusively for you, and paper towels. Always sanitize before handling your cards – even though nobody else touches them, it gives confidence to the client.

Tarot cards naturally get grimy and dirty with use. Some tarot readers have been using the same deck for years, cleaning them from time to time. I think we will have to change our decks more often – maybe every month, but this will depend on how many readings you do each day. Tarot cards are a business expense.

Tarot readings and facemasks

If government advice is to wear facemasks in public then do it.

Payments in the Coronavirus age

Clients will prefer to pay by card rather than cash – make sure you have a card reader.

Coronavirus and grieving process

If there has been a death due to coronavirus the client may still be in the grieving process. Tarot readers may also have experienced loss, and they need to make sure they have gone through the grieving process otherwise it will affect how they read for clients.

This might be a good time to learn about grief counselling. Clients may also want to contact someone who has passed on. If you are a medium this will not be a problem.

As tarot readers we want our clients to be safe, happy and healthy. We can’t give medical advice, but I expect clients will have a greater interest in death and the appearance of the Death card, and they may see it in a different light.

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