12 The Hanged Man – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The Hanged Man: The Spirit of the Mighty Waters

Divinatory Meanings of The Hanged Man

Enforced sacrifice. Punishment. Loss. Fatal and not voluntary. Suffering generally.

MacGregor Mathers

Self-sacrifice, Sacrifice, Devotion, Bound.


Selfishness, Unbound, Partial Sacrifice.

Attributions of The Hanged Man

Correct design of the Hanged Man

A hanged and crucified man

The Man drowned in the “womb” flood. The Secret is hidden between the waters that are above and the waters that are beneath.

Liber 777

Golden Dawn description of The Hanged Man

‘The twelfth Key of the Tarot, “Hanged Man” but also more properly called the Drowned Giant and its position is horizontal rather than per- pendicular. In this position, the lower side of the Key represents the Bed of the waters and the upper side the Keel of the Arc of Noah, floating above the Drowned figure. Or, in Egyptian Symbolism, the Baris or Sacred Barque of Isis; whilst the Figure is one of the Bound and Drowned followers of the Evil Forces; though yet again, in another sense, if may represent the Body of the Slain Osiris in the Pastos, sent down the Nile to the sea: Whilst above is the Keei of the Baris or Barque of lsis in which she travelled to seek him.

Hebrew letter Mem, M

Mem, Water suggests a wave; a breaker by its initial or medial form, and still water by its final form. In this single case, the actual meaning of the word is identical with the Yetziratic attribution of the letter. Note that the letter Nun, meaning fish, is not attributed to Pisces but to Scorpio.


MYM is the Hebrew word for Water.

God Name of Assiah


AL is given to Water because of its attribution to Chesed, the Sephira of Water.

Path of Wisdom

The Twenty-third Path is the Stable Intelligence, and it is so called because it has the virtue of consistency among all Numerations (Sephiroth).

Deities associated with The Hanged Man

Egyptian Gods



Goddess of Pleasure


Goddess of Water


The Mummy

Tum Athph Auramoth

The Sun descending into the ocean


Goddess of Water


Greek Gods

Poseidon, God of Water

Roman Gods


God of Water


Goddess who flows.

Flora and Fauna of The Hanged Man




Myrrh is traditionally the odour of sorrow and bitterness; it is the dark and passive side of Binah.

Precious Stones





Trinity is the Kerub of Water



The Lotus is the traditional plant of Water. Its roots are in water and its purity further suggests the action of water i n lustration.

Magical Attributions of The Hanged Man

Magical Powers

The Great Work, Talismans, Crystal Gazing.

Magical Weapon


The Wine fills the Cup – it is the divine ecstasy entering the creative part of the nature of the magician. The Water of Lustration in the Cup of Stolistes balance the Fire in the thurible of the Dadouchos.


The Cup receives the influence from the Highest. It is the feminine symbol of Understanding. it must be distinguished emphatically from the wand or hollow tube  of Chokmah which transmits the influence in its positive  form in an intelligible manner but without understanding its nature. The Cup is the traditional elemental weapon of Water.

Cross of Suffering

The Cross of Suffering refers to the now superseded formula of Osiris. See the original emblem of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a triangle surmounted by a Cross.

Colour Scales of The Hanged Man

Knight Colour Scale

Deep green

Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Deep Olive-Green

Princess Colour Scale

White, flecked Purple

The perfection of Water is indicated by its iridescence. This is the alchemical symbolism.

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