19 The Sun – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The Sun: Lord of the Fire of the World

Divinatory meanings for The Sun

Glory, gain, riches. Arrogance, display, vanity.

MacGregor Mathers

Happiness, Content, Joy.

Reversed meanings

These in a minor degree.

Golden Dawn description of the Sun

The Nineteenth Key of the Tarot … The Sun has twelve principle rays which represent the Twelve signs of the Zodiac. They are alternately waved and salient as symbolising the alteration of the masculine and feminine natures. These again are subdivided into thirty-six Decanates or sets of ten degrees in the Zodiac and these again into seventy-two, typifying the seventy-two quinances or sets of five and the seventy-two fold Name Schemphamphoresh. Thus the Sun embraces the whole of creation in its rays. The seven Hebrew Yods on each side, falling through the air, refer to the Solar influence descending. The Wall is the circle of the Zodiac and the stones are its various degrees and divisions. The two children standing respectively on Water and Earth represent the generating influence of both, brought info action by the rays of the Sun. They are the two inferior or Passive Elements, as the Sun and the Air above them are the superior and Active Elements of Fire and Air. Furthermore, these two children resemble the Sign of Gemini which unites the Earthy Sign of Taurus with the Watery Sign of Cancer and this Sign was, by the Greeks and Romans, referred to Apollo or the Sun

Astrological Attributions of The Sun

Resh is associated with The Sun and Sunday, and value 200.

Path of Wisdom

The Thirtieth Path is the Collecting Intelligence, and is so called because Astrologers deduce from it the judgement of the Stars, and of the celestial signs, and the perfections of their science, according to the rules of their revolutions.

Deities associated with The Sun

Egyptian Gods

Ra and other gods

Greek Gods



Flora and Fauna of The Sun



Olibanum. The correctness of this should be intuitively perceived at once by every magician. Olibanum possesses a comprehensive catholic quality such as no other incense can boast.

Precious Stone


Chrysolith, as the name implies, is a golden stone relating to The Sun




The Leopard is sacred to the sun on account of its black spots.


The Hawk is solar as all-seeing.


The Lion is the typically solar animal.



Laurel is traditional to fire.


The Galangal is especially sacred to the Sun – it is of the ginger family.


Heliotrope is obviously solar.


The Nut is solar, as being a microcosm of Life, the fruit being also the seed.


Sunflower is obviously solar.

Magical Attributions of The Sun

Magical Power

The Red Tincture, Power of Acquiring Wealth

Magical Weapon

The Lamen is solar, as representing the light of the human consciousness – in the Heart (TIpareth) – of the magician to the spirit evoked. It is his statement to the spirit of his intention towards it, of the formula which he intends to employ; it must in no wise be confused with the Pantacle, which is passive as the Lamen is active. The one represents the condition of things in general, the other his method of dealing with that condition.

Magical Formula


Colour Scales for The Sun

Knight Colour Scale


Queen Colour Scale

Gold yellow

Prince Colour Scale

Rich Amber

Princess Colour Scale

Amber, rayed red

The perfection of Sol is its fixation in the amber of Cancer by elevation at the summer solstice. In this it receives the adornment of pure physical energy, Fire. The red is purer than the orange, being of the incorruptible element.

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