2 The High Priestess – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The High Priestess: Priestess of the Silver Star

The High Priestess has mysterious, fluctuating energies of the Moon. The emphasis is rhythm, change and movement. The cards around her will reflect this as instability. She represents the feminine inner intuition. She is a woman who chooses to go her own way; not for her the crowds. The High Priestess shows that you can navigate your way through life with few clues. It is as if you have your own internal satnav switched on.

Divinatory Meanings of the High Priestess

Change, alternation, increase and decrease. Fluctuation.

MacGregor Mathers

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

Reversed meanings

Conceit, Ignorance, Unskillfulness, Superficial Knowledge

Attributions of The High Priestess

Correct design of The High Priestess

A crowned priestess sits before the veil of Isis between the pillars of Seth

She is reading intently an open book. Liber 777


Hebrew letter Gimel – G

The Virgin. The Holy Guardian Angel is attained by Self-sacrifice and Equilibrium Gimel = The Virgin. The Holy Guardian Angel Mem = Self-sacrifice Lamed = Equilibrium

Gimel the Camel, reminds us of the position of the Path on the Tree of Life as joining Kether and Tipareth, and thus the means of travelling through the wilderness of the Abyss.

Gimel is associated with the Moon and The High Priestess, and has the value of 3.

Astrological Attribution

The Moon

Path of Wisdom

The Thirteenth Path is named the Uniting Intelligence, and is so called because it is itself the essence of Glory. It is the Consummation of the Truth of individual spiritual things.

Deities associated with The High Priestess

Egyptian Gods


God of the Moon

Greek Gods


The evil Moon


The virgin Moon

Flora and Fauna of The High Priestess

Precious Stones


Crystal is given to the Moon for its suggestion of purity.


The Moonstone is a direct image of the Moon


Pearl is given for the suggestion of purity.



The Camel as the actual meaning of the letter Gimel. It conveys travellers across the desert as the path of Gimel crosses the Abyss from Tipareth to Kether. See also Book of Lies, Cap XLII.


The Dog, as baying at the Moon and the natural companion of the huntress Artemis.



The Alder has a soft spongy wood which gives very little heat when burned. It haunts watery spots.


The Hazel is suitable for the wand of the black magician whose typical deity is the Moon just as that of the white magicians is the Sun.


The Pomegranate is attributed to the Moon as a symbol with reference to menstruation.

Magical Attributions of The High Priestess

Magical Powers

The White Tincture, Clairvoyance, Divination by Dreams

Magical Weapon

Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrow are traditionally the weapons of Artemis and Apollo

Magical Formula


Colour Scales of The High Priestess

Knight Colour Scale


Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Cold Pale Blue

Princess Colour Scale

Silver, rayed Sky Blue

The original chastity of the Moon is tinged with Love.

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