Lord of Sorrow – 3 of Swords – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn title

Lord of Sorrow

Divinatory meanings

Sorrow of a deep and brooding nature; the joy and gaiety that attends the release from this sorrow.

MacGregor Mathers

Nun, Separation, Removal, Rupture, Quarrel.


Error, Confusion, Misrule, Disorder.

Astrological attributions

The second or Succedent decan of Libra is ruled by Saturn from October 4tb-12th

Magical Image of the Second Face of Libra in Picatrix

In the second face of Libra ascend two men furious and wrathful and a man in a comely garment, sitting in a chair; and the signification of these is to shew indignation against the evil, and quietness and security of life with plenty of good things.

Picatrix commentary

Picatrix presents a more dynamic picture between good and evil, active and passive.

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Queen of Wands – Golden Dawn

Queen of Wands – Golden Dawn

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Lord of Rest from strife – 4 of Swords – Golden Dawn

Lord of Rest from strife – 4 of Swords – Golden Dawn

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Queen of Wands – Rider-Waite

Queen of Wands – Rider-Waite

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Lord of Defeat – 5 of Swords – Golden Dawn

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