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Tarot powers in the Golden Dawn’s Liber 777

Few tarot students have ever studied Liber 777, a massive resource of information and attributes of the powers. I suspect the reason is that the original book makes it very difficult to study. I have re-organised the tables to make them easier to read and apply to the tarot.

Purifying the tarot

After some concentrated magical and spiritual work within a small group of magicians. We extended a traditional shamanic purification methods beyond healing people to healing spirits. I then continued this technique to purify my Thoth deck. The amount of dirty energy the Cards had accumulated was surprising – and it was not just my deck – it was our perceptions of the Tarot. Pursuing this method created a definite change of awareness, which suggested that my perceptions of the Tarot itself would be changed. Within a few days, inspiration struck. I looked again at Liber 777, and I realised that there was no reason the columns could not be turned through 90 degrees to become rows, with the tarot Card as the subject.

Liber 777 – Macrocosm

Working with these tables in the new form changes your perception of what the Tarot is about. Here, we have the big picture – and what a picture! Here are the glorious connections to the God of the major religions around the world, not to mention a number of spirits, and astrology. In contrast, the divinatory meanings we all know and love as microcosm, man’s petty concerns with every day life.

Now we see The Tarot as truly greater than the sum of its parts. When we need solutions that go beyond the personal, these tables give you the solutions.

To help you, each table has a link to the divinatory meanings to the tarot for comparison.

The Tables are particularly useful for Magicians and healers, as the Tarot in its proper context. The unaspected Card found in the counting technique for the Opening of the Key Spread show the hidden spiritual forces affecting the querent or the subject of the reading. Now, you can turn the relevant page, and see what remedy is applied, or which spirit/s are contacted to change the situation.

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Tarot Powers in Liber 777 - an exploration
Exploring the tarot powers in Liber 777 shows the breadth and depth of attributions available to the tarot student.
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