Attributions of the Knights in Liber 777

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Knight of Wands

The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning. The King of the Spirits of Fire. Rules 20° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius, including part of Hercules

Golden Dawn Description

A Warrior riding a black horse with flaming mane and tail. The Horse itself is not winged. The Rider wears a winged Helmet (an old Scandinavian and Gaulish Helmet) with a royal Crown. A corselet of scale-mail and buskins of the same, and a flowing scarlet mantle. Above his Helmet, upon his cuirass, and on his shoulder pleoes and busklns he bears, as a crest, a winged black Horse’s head.
He grasps a Club with flaming ends, somewhat similar to that in the symbol of the Ace of wands, but not so heavy, and also the Sigil of his scale is shewn.
Beneath the rushing feet of his steed are waving flames of Fire. He is active, generous, fierce, sudden and impetuous. If ill-dignified he is evil-minded, cruel, bigoted, brutal. He rules the celestial Heavens from above the 20th degree of Scorpio to the First two Decans of Sagittarius and this includes a part of the constellation Hercule (who also carries a club). Fire of Fire. King of the Salamanders.
Crest: Winged black horse‘s head. Symbols: Black horse, waving flames. Club. Scarlet cloak. Red-gold hair. Grey or Hazel eyes.
King Scale of Colour: Pure soft blue
A gentleman. A bachelor. Single man.

Knight of Cups

Golden Dawn Description

A beautiful youthful warrior, with flying hair, riding a white Horse, which latter is not winged. His general equipment is similar to that of the Knight of Wands, but upon his helmet cuirass and buskins is a peacock with opened wings. He holds a Cup in his hand, bearing the sigil of the Scale. Beneath his horses’ feet is the sea, From the cup issues a crab.Graceful, poetic, venusian, indolent, but enthusiastic if roused. Ill-dignified, he is sensual, idle, and untruthful. He rules the heavens from above the twentieth degree of Aquarius to the twentieth degree of Pisces including the greater part of Pegasus.
Crest: Peacock with open wings. Symbols: White horse, crab issuing from cup. Fair hair. Blue eyes.
Queen Scale of Colour: Grey
A friendly, cultured, confidence trickster.

Knight of Swords

The Lord of the Winds and the Breezes. The King of the Spirits of Air. 20° Taurus to 20° Gemini.

Golden Dawn Description

A Warrior with crowned Helmet, mounted a brown steed, his general equipment is as that of the Knight of wands, but he wears as a crest a winged six-pointed star, like those represented on the heads of Castor and Pollux, the Dioscuri, the Twins – Gemini (part of which constellation is included in his rule). He holds a drawn sword with the Sigil of his Scale upon its pommel. Beneath his Horse‘s feet are dark, driving, stratus clouds. He is active, clever, subtle, fierce, delicate, courageous, skilful, but inclined to domineer. Also to over-value small things, unlesswell—dignified. Ill—dignified, deceitful, tyrannical and crafty.Rules from the twentieth degree of Taurus to the twentieth degree of Gemini. Fire of Air. King of Sylphs and Sylphides.
Crest: Winged Hexagram. Symbols: Winged brown horse, driving clouds, drawn sword. Dark brown hair. Dark eyes.
Emperor Scale of Colour: Blue pearl grey, like mother-of-pearl
Legal problems.
The Knight of Disks

Knight of Disks

The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land. The King of the Spirits of the Earth. 20° Leo to 20° Virgo.

Golden Dawn Description

A dark Warrior with winged and crowned helmet; mounted on a light brown horse. Equipment as of the Knight of wands. The winged head of a stag or antelope as a crest. Beneath the horse’s feet is fertile land, with ripened corn. In one hand he bears a sceptre surmounted with a hexagram, in the other a pentacle like a Z.A.M.’s.
Unless very well dignified, he is heavy, dull, and material. Laborious, clever and patient in material matters. lf ill-dignified, he is avaricious, grasping, dull, jealous, not very courageous, unless assisted by other symbols.Rules from above the twentieth degree of Leo to the twentieth degree of Virgo. Fire of Earth. King of the Gnomes.
Crest: Winged Stag’s head. Symbols: Light brown horse. Ripe corn land. Sceptre with Hexagram as Z.A.M.Dark hair. Dark Eyes.
Empress Scale of Colour White, flecked red, blue, and yellow
Spoils of war. Financial loss. Greed, corruption.
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