Attributions of the Queens in Liber 777

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Image of Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands

The Queen of the Thrones of Flames.

20° Pisces to 20° Aries, including part of Hercules

Golden Dawn Description

A crowned Queen, with long red-golden hair, seated upon a Throne, with steady Flames beneath. She wears a corselet and buskins of scale mail, which latter her robe discloses. Her arms are almost bare. On cuirass and buskins are leopards‘ heads winged. The same symbol surmounteth her crown. At her side is a couchant leopard on which her hands rest. She bears a long Wand with a very heavy conical head. The face is beautiful and resolute. Adaptability, steady force applied to an object. Steady rule: great attractive power, power of command, yet liked notwithstanding. Kind and generous when not opposed. if ill-dignified, obstinate, revengeful, domineering, tyrannical and apt to turn suddenly against another without cause. She rules the Heavens from above the last Decan of Pisces to above the twentieth degree of Aries, including a part of Andromeda. Water of Fire. Salamanders or Selamandrines.
Crest: Winged Leopard.
Symbols: Leopard. Steady flames.wand with heavy end or head. Red-gold hair. Blue or Brown eyes.
King Scale of Colour: Crimson
Image of Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters.

20° Gemini to 20° Cancer.

Golden Dawn Description

A very beautiful fair woman like a crowned Queen, seated upon a Throne, beneath which is flowing water, wherein Lotuses are seen. Her general dress is similar to that of the Queen of Wands, but upon her Crown, Cuirass and Buskins is seen an Ibis with opened wings, and beside her is the same Bird, whereon her hand rests. She holds a Cup, where from a crayfish issues. Her face is dreamy. She holds a Lotus in the hand upon the Ibis.
She is imaginative, poetic, kind, yet not willing to take much trouble for another. Coquettish, good-natured, underneath a dreamy appearance. Imagination stronger than feeling, and therefore more dependent upon good or ill—dignity than upon most other symbols. She rules from the twentieth degree of Gemini to the twentieth degree of Cancer. Water of water. Nymphs and Undines.
Crest: Ibis
Symbols: Crayfish issuing from River. Gold-brown hair. Blue eyes.
Scale of Colour: Black
Untrustworthy woman, fickleness, sensuality.

Image of Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

The Queen of the Thrones of Air. 20° Virgo to 20° Libra.

Golden Dawn Description
A graceful woman with curly waving hair, like a Queen seated upon a Throne, and crowned. Beneath the Throne are grey cumulus clouds. Her general attire is similar to that of the Queen of wands. But she wears as a crest a winged child’s head (like the head of an infantile Kerub, seen sculptured on tombs). A drawn sword in one hand, and in the other a large bearded newly·severed head of a man, intensely perceptive, keen observation, subtle, quick, confident, often perseveringly accurate in superficial things, graceful, fond of dancing and balancing.
Ill-dignified, cruel, sly, deceitful, unreliable, though with a good exterior. Rules from the twentieth degree of Virgo to the twentieth degree of Libra.Water of Air. Sylphs and Sylphides.
Crest: Winged Child‘s head.
Symbols: Head of severed man. Cumulus Clouds. Drawn sword. Grey hair. Light brown eyes.
Emperor Scale of Colour: Dark brown
A difficult woman. Malice, bad luck, sorrow.
Image of the Queen of Disks

Queen of Disks

The Queen of the Thrones of Earth.

20° Sagittarius to 20° Capricorn

Golden Dawn Description

A woman of beautiful face with dark hair, seated upon a throne, beneath which is dark sandy earth. One side of her face is dark, the other light, and her symbolism is best presented in profile. Her attire is similar to that of the Queen of wands. But she bears a winged goat’s head as a crest. A goat is by her side. In one hand she bears a sceptre surmounted by a cube, and in the other an orb of gold. She is impetuous, kind, timid, rather charming, great—hearted, intelligent, melancholy, truthful, yet of many moods.
lll·dignified, she is undecided, capricious, foolish, changeable.Rules from the twentieth degree of Sagittarius to the twentieth degree of Capricorn.Water of Earth. Gnomes.
Crest: Winged goat’s head.
Symbols: Barren land. Face light one side only. Sceptre with orb of gold. Dark hair. Dark eyes.
Empress Scale of Colour: Grey, flecked pink
Faithless woman. Venality.
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Powers of Queens in Liber 777 - Binah and Water
Binah and water is the attribution of the Queens in Liber 777

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