liber 777

The attributions of the Minor Arcana in Liber 777 grouped together through 10 Paths, so we see the Four Aces relating to Kether, the four Twos to Chokmah, and so on.  Not all the attributions found in Liber 777 are so applicable today.

  • Aces Kether or Crown around the North Pole. Even though the four Aces are the four elements, they do not have any of the qualities of the elements – they are Spirit or Akasha.
  • Twos Chokmah, Knowledge, sphere of the zodiac. The Twos are the pure form of the elements. The Knights.
  • Threes Binah, Wisdom, Saturn and the Queens. The duality becomes three, very creative.
  • Fours Chesed, Mercy, Jupiter. Four is solidity and security.
  • Fives Geburah, Strength. This sephirah is on the left side of the Tree of Life.
  • Sixes TIpareth, Beauty. The Sun. The centre of the Tree, the point of the Holy Guardian Angel. The Princes are found here too.
  • Sevens Netzach, Victory, Venus. The lower part of the Tree, weaker, and more degenerate.
  • Eights Hod, Mercury. Opposite Netzach, weak and degenerate.
  • Nines Yesod, Foundation, The Moon. Below Tipareth on the central pillar, it relates to the genitals.
  • Tens Malkuth, Kingdom.  The Princesses. The re-appearance of the four elements as there is no astrological attribution. The Tens represent excess in some form. The return to the Aces.

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