Spiritual and Magical Powers of the Four Aces in Liber 777

The Four Aces in Liber 777 have many attributions, but surprisingly they do not have divinatory meanings! The Aces relate to Kether, the Crown in the Supernal Triangle.

Path 1 is the place of the four Aces, the sphere of the Primum Mobile and the sephirah Kether or Crown.

The Four aces revolve around the Pole Star and rule each of the four quadrants around it. The occult Meridian passes through the Great Pyramid. The Four aces represent the point on the top of Yod in YHVH, attributed to Spirit or Akasha.

Ace of Wands
Annoyances, violence, intimidation.
Ace of Cups
Sorrow, depression, emotional loss and disappointment. Inconstancy
Ace of Swords
Violence, excessive force. Triumph, authority.
Ace of Disks
Obsession with security. Paranoia. Fear of change
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Correct Image of the Aces

Ancient bearded king seen in profile

Magical Powers of the Aces

Magical Power

Pyrrho-Zoroastrianism (Accomplishment of Great Work)

Consciousness of the Adept


Saints or Adepts of the Hebrews

Messias fillus David

Angels Foundations in the World of Yetsirah

Seraphim stabant supra illud: sex alae

Heavens of Assiah


The Revolution of YHVH in Yetsirah


Parts of the Soul


The Self

Angels of Assiah


Holy Living Creatures

Revolution of Adonai in Assiah


Ten divisions of the Body of God


The Ten Earths in Seven Palaces

ARTz – Earth, dry

The Ten Hells in Seven Palaces

ShAVL – Graves

The Dukes and Kings of Edom

Elements and Quarters (Sepher Yetsirah)


Alchemical Tree of Life


Alchemical Metals

Metallic radix

Hebrew Name of Number of Letter

KThR – Crown

Eastern Thought

The Heavenly Hexagram


The Ten Fetters (Buddhism)


The Forty Buddhist Meditations


Hindu and Buddhist results

Unity with Brahma, Atma darshana


Shang Ti (also the Tao)

Golden Dawn descriptions of the Aces

Ace of Wands

Image of the Ace of Wands in the Thoth Tarot deck
Ace of Wands

A white radiating angelic Hand issuing from Clouds and grasping a heavy Club which has three branches in the colours and with the Sigils of the Scales. The right and left hand branches end respectively in three Flames and the centre one in four Flames, thus yielding Ten the number of the Sephiroth. Two and Twenty leaping Flames or Yods surround it, answering to the Paths of these. Three fall below the right branch for Aleph Mem and Shin. Seven above the central branch for the double letters. And between it and that on the right, twelve – six above and six below – about the left hand Branch. The whole is a great and Flaming Torch.

It symbolises Force, Strength, rush, vigour, energy, and it governs according to its nature various works and questions. It implies natural as opposed to Invoked Force.

Ace of Cups

Image of the Ace of CupsA Radiant white Angelic Hand issuing from clouds and supporting on the palm thereof a cup, resembling that of the Stolistes. From it rises a fountain of clear and glistening water; and spray falling on all sides into clear calm water below, in which grow Lotus and water lilies.

The great letter Heh of the Supernal Mother is traced in the spray of the Fountain.

lt symbolises Fertility, Productiveness, Beauty, Pleasure, Happiness, etc.

Ace of Swords

Image of The Ace of Swords
The Ace of Swords

A white radiating Angelic Hand, issuing from clouds, and grasping the hilt of a Sword, which supports a white radiant celestial Crown from which depend, on the right, the olive branch of Peace, and on the left, the Palm branch of suffering. Six Vaus fall from its point. lt symbolises invoked as contrasted with natural Force; for it is the invocation of the Sword. Raised upward, it invokes the Divine Crown of Spiritual Brightness. But reversed it is the invocation of demoniac force, and becomes a fearfully evil symbol. It represents therefore very great power for good or evil, but invoked. And it also represents whirling force, and strength through trouble. It is the affirmation of justice, upholding Divine authority; and it may become the Sword of wrath, Punishment and Affliction.

Ace of Disks

Image of The Ace of DisksA white radiant Angelic Hand, holding a branch of a rose Tree, whereon is a large Pentacle, formed of five concentric circles.

The innermost Circle is white, charged with a red Greek cross, From this white centre l2 rays, also white, issue. These terminate at the circumference, making the whole something like an astrological figure of the Heavens.

It is surmounted by a small circle, above which is a large Maltese Cross, and with two white wings; four roses and two buds are shewn. The hand issueth from the clouds as in the other three cases. It representeth materiality in all senses, good and evil, and is therefore in a sense illusionary. It shows material gain, labour, power, wealth, etc.

Masonic attributions and the Aces

Passwords of the Grades


Officers in a Masonic Lodge


The Grades of the Order

10=1 Ipsissimus; 3rd Order

Egyptian Attributions of the Parts of the Soul

Kha, or Yekh

The Soul (Hindu)



The Ten Plagues of Egypt

Death of First born

Seven Hells of the Arabs


Seven Hells of the Arabs: Their Inhabitants


<<Zero | Twos>>

Name of Sephirah

KThR – Crown 420

Positionon the Tree of Life

1st Plane, Middle Pillar

Mystic Number


Magical Powers and Mystical States

Union with God; The Higher Beatific Vision

Transcendental Morality

Accomplishment of the Great Work

Psychological Attributions

The Self

Magical Image

White brilliance

32 Paths of Wisdom

Wonderful or Mystical Consciousness


Magical Formulae

En-To-Pan “one the all” = 556 = fhmh “voice from heaven, oracle; song; reputation, fame”

panimeroV “all-desired”

elasson “inferior, smaller”

Archons (Briatic)


Colour Scales




White Brilliance


White brilliance


White, flecked gold

Divine Name of Kether in Assiah

AHYH 21, HVA 16

Pure existence, belongs to I. The sound of the word represents the indrawn and outdrawn breath.


MTTRVN – Metatron 314, 964

Assiah attributions

Kether of Assiah

RAShYTh HGLGLYM 1032, 1592

Sphere of the Primum Mobile — “beginning of whirling motion” — tells us that Kether is the point from which we measure motion. The Sephiroth might even perhaps be considered as co-ordinate axes.

Element (with Planetary Ruler)

Root of Air

Kether is said to be the root of Air, because of the force of Air, or the balance of Fire and Water, and, as connected, it is Aleph, with the ideas of Zero and Unity.

Qlipphoth and King

ThAVMYAL 488 (KRThAL 651) Twins of God, Cut off from God

Qlippoth and Princes

Satan and Moloch

Egyptian Gods

Ptah, Asar-un-Nefer, Hadit, Heru-ra-ha

Attribution of Egyptian Gods


Thelemic Gods

Hadit, Heru-ra-ha, Heru-pa-kraath

Thelemic Gods (practical)


Greek Gods

Zeus, Iacchus

Roman Gods

Janus, Mercury

Hindu God

Parabrahm, Shiva, Brahma

Scandinavian Gods

Assyria Gods


Santeria Orishas

Obatala, Ololi

Christian Attributions

God, the Three in One

Animals, Real & Imaginary

God, Swan, Hawk

Plants, Real & Imaginary

Almond in Flower, Banyan

Precious Stonesy


Magical Weapons

Swastika Fylfot, Crown; Lamp

Magical Formulae


Lineal, Geomantic & Pure Number Figures


Mineral Drugs rule




Vegetable Drugs

Elixir Vitae

The Perfected Man

Disk of Ra – the Face. [In Daath, Assi – the neck]

Typical Diseases


Seven Chakras



Pineal gland

Divine Names

All Supernals



Palace of Briah

All Supernals

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Spiritual and Magical Powers of the Four Aces in Liber 777
Spiritual and Magical Powers of the Four Aces in Liber 777 have many attributions, but surprisingly they do not have divinatory meanings!

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