liber 777 and other qabalistic writings of Aleister Crowley

Liber 777 demystified – the Tables

The structure of Liber 777 is a set of tables of correspondences of the Golden Dawn attributions of the Tree of Life. Liber 777 is very concise, but it is also very abstruse; evidently written for the benefit of the Crowley, Allen Bennett and the other Adepti of the Golden Dawn rather for us, the great unwashed public.

There are actually six tables, which is not clear. For a start, even though Table 1 is at the beginning, it begins on the top right hand side of the page, and works across to the top of the left hand page, then back for the bottom half of the right hand page, and then to the bottom of the left hand page. So, if you turn the page, you should always look to the right hand page, and not the left.

If you are accustomed to Hebrew or Arabic, you are not better off, because even though the flow across the page is from right to left, the tables start at the front of the book, rather than from the back. Confused? If someone can come up with a better explanation, please tell me.

Some of the tables do not run contiguously. So, such as, in my copy, Table 1 starts on page 3, then continues onto page 2, then page 5, page 4, and so on. Not surprisingly, mistakes occurred, so the last columns of Table 1 appear after all the other tables, on page 37, with the columns going from left to right!

Matters are not helped by the use of Roman numerals; especially as the counting goes up from right to left…

So much for the tables and columns. Now it is time to mention the rows. Except for the late inclusions on page 37 and 38, there is always a Key Scale column on the far right that is composed of numbers. Table 1 starts from Zero, 0, and goes up to 32, with 31 and 32 duplicated. I will not go into the duplicated numbers 31bis and 32bis for now.

It is worthwhile remembering the numbers and their attribution to the Tarot (I have not mentioned the Tarot yet, but the Tarot is critical to understanding Liber 777, far more so than the Tree of Life.

The basic numbering from 0 to 32 encompasses all the Tarot in a very simple way. Zero or 0 is Nothing, and in many of the tables this row is empty. The numbers 1 to 10 are the Sephiroth, starting with Kether. 1 to 10 also signifies the Minor arcana, with the Twos, Threes, Sixes and Tens also representing the Courts. 11 to 32 represents the Major Arcana, starting with the Fool at 11. These tables do not have the Star and Emperor transposed – they were written probably by Crowley’s mentor Allen Bennett who died long before the Book of the Law suggested that “Tzaddi is not the Star” .

To help the reader, in the original some of the numbers in this column are offset to the left or right of centre. 11, 23 and 31, the Mother Letters, are set to the left, while the seven Planetary arcana are to the centre, with the twelve zodiacal Card to the right.

Overview of Table 1

This has 57 columns and 32 rows with the extra Zero and 31bis and 32bis. It is the biggest table by far, and it could be that the intention was that all the attributions would be on this table.

The Four Elements

This table has only five rows, composed of the Mother Letters, à, î and ù and 31bis and 32bis, so we are dealing with the four elements plus Spirit. There are 26 columns.

The Planets

The seven planets and ten columns.

Qabalistic and Angelic

The ten sephiroth, which has 54 columns. The attributions here are not the general ones known.

Zodiacal powers and Attributes

Table 5 summarises the magical attributes of the twelve signs of the zodiac, including the angelic and goetic attributions.

The Powers of the Hebrew Alphabet Table 6 will be more familiar.

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Understanding the structure of Liber 777
The structure of Liber 777 is a set of tables of correspondences of the Golden Dawn attributions of the Tree of Life. Liber 777 is very concise,

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