Half Hour Tarot Reading


Half Hour Tarot Reading from Paul for questions on the future, love, relationships, legal, money, travel and work.

Once you have purchased the Half Hour Tarot reading, Paul will contact you to arrange a suitable time for a face to face, telephone or online reading via Skype or Zoom etc.

Brilliant leader in the Tarot Field

Paul Hughes-Barlow is an accomplished author; clairvoyant and absolutely brilliant leader In the Tarot field. His straight forward no nonsense style and teaching methods are par excellence barring none except Crowley himself. I heartily recommend that you experience his skill and knowledge for yourself!

Liz Cristy

Paul highlighted some very unexpected topics

Receiving a reading from Paul is one of the most unique and adventurous experiences you can give yourself. Paul highlighted some very unexpected topics and consequently, caused me to explore many opportunities I hadn’t considered. He was able to provide me with different alternatives that could be used to address the different facets in my life; something I had not experienced with other readings.


Thanks, Paul!

The growth that has occurred from these readings has definitely improved the quality of my life and has caused me to explore fascinating channels and go down paths that I wouldn’t have taken without him. He is immediately able to tune into the situation and will tell you exactly what he thinks is going on. His insight is nothing short of incredible. Thanks, Paul!


My trusted guide and friend

“I became a client of Paul’s initially through his Tarot readings, which were not only extremely – and consistently – accurate, but which opened the way to a dazzling and extraordinary journey, during which Paul has remained my trusted guide and friend. The old school idea of the Tarot suggests a fate cast in stone, revealed by the cards.

C.L. London

Paul is no run-of-the-mill Tarot reader

Paul is no run-of-the-mill Tarot reader. This is a man who completely outshines the others, in many ways, and his talents transcend the art of card interpretation. Paul’s work is for those who really wish to have their eyes opened and who are prepared to truly confront, and step into, the future”

C.L. London

Fate is dynamic and fluid

Paul demonstrates that ‘fate’ is in fact dynamic and fluidic, and subject to change, depending on how we wish to work with it, our convictions, and the paths we choose. The cards act like signs and keys that enable us to see what may normally be hidden from view, and to unlock the gates to evolve and unfold our destiny. Then, magic awaits.

C.L. London

He is really amazing!

Paul was amazing in answering my question. He not only gave me straight answer, but also gave me alternatives and ways to approach it
I totally forgot about it- until 2 years later excatly what he said happened- and i got an answer right away- due to his prediction.
He is really amazing.


Half Hour Tarot Reading from Paul for questions on the future, love, relationships, legal, money, travel and work.