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The Star divinatory meanings

The Star indicates that dreams and aspirations will come true. There is a sense of well-being and confidence – the world is your oyster. The Star points to success in your social life, meeting new people, discoveries, new ideas, and new interests.

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When weak, the Star shows crushed dreams, lack of aspiration and belief. There is no excitement – everything is humdrum. People deliberately suppress expectations, which make life very flat.


Image of The Star Major tarot card in the Rider-Waite deck
The Star – Rider-Waite

A great, radiant star of eight rays, surrounded by seven lesser stars – also of eight rays. The female figure in the foreground is entirely naked. Her left knee is on the land and her right foot upon the water. She pours Water of Life from two great ewers, irrigating sea and land. Behind her is rising ground and on the right a shrub or tree, whereon a bird alights. The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty. The star is l’étoile flamboyante, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused therein. That which the figure communicates to the living scene is the substance of the heavens and the elements. It has been said truly that the mottoes of this card are “Waters of Life freely” and “Gifts of the Spirit.”

The summary of several tawdry explanations says that it is a card of hope. On other planes it has been certified as immortality and interior light. For the majority of prepared minds, the figure will appear as the type of Truth unveiled, glorious in undying beauty, pouring on the waters of the soul some part and measure of her priceless possession. But she is in reality the Great Mother in the Kabalistic Sephira Binah, which is supernal Understanding, who communicates to the Sephiroth that are below in the measure that they can receive her influx.

Divinatory meanings

Loss, theft, privation, abandonment; another reading says hope and bright prospects.

Reversed meanings

Arrogance, haughtiness, impotence.

Book of Thoth

Image of 17 The Star Major tarot card in the Book of Thoth deck
17 The Star – Book of Thoth

Pour water on thyself thus shalt thou be a Fountain to the Universe.
Find thou thyself in every Star.
Achieve thou every possibility.

Hope, unexpected help, clearness of vision, realization of possibilities, spiritual insight, with bad aspects, error of judgement, dreaminess, disappointment.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised.

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Golden Dawn -Daughter of the Firmament, Dweller between the Waters

Hope, faith, unexpected help. Sometimes dreaminess, deceived hope.


Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

Reversed meanings

Hopes not fulfilled, Expectations disappointed or fulfilled in a minor degree.

Etteilla: Desolation

Privation, Destitution, Abandonment, Test, Extract, Audit, Sorting Out, Separation, Plundering, Despoilment, Theft, Privation, Loss of Help.

Desolation reversed meanings

Air, Wind, Storm, Atmosphere, Climate, Dryness, Heaven, Stars. Birds, Subtle, Volatile, Tone. Mannerism, Affectation, Gait, Appearance, Physiognomy, Resemblance. Vague and Without Substance. Arrogance, Haughtiness, Importance, Song, Music, Melody.

Thierens: XVII. Venus.

“The figure expresses eternal youth and beauty.” No astrologer will hesitate to recognise Venus. “The Star is the étoile flamboyante, which appears in Masonic symbolism, but has been confused herein.” (W.) And “gifts of the spirit,” which au fond means beauty, are the gifts administered by Venus, who in the solar system hands over the vibrations or ‘gifts’ coming from the Sun, to our Earth. The picture on the card shows it quite clearly: a naked girl, demonstrating undoubtedly the beauty of the human body, symbol of beauty in the nature of man, pouring “the fluids of Life upon the Earth (and the sea: i.e. into soul and body — Th.) from two cups, the one of gold and the other of silver.” (P.) “The genius of the Sun has now descended to Earth under the form of this young girl, the image of eternal Youth.” (P.) Well, then it is the image of this planet of beauty and eternal youth, which has its place between the Sun and Mercury on one side and our Earth on the other, the third personification of the genius of the Sun. The ibis and the butterfly connect the idea ‘of immortality with this figure, in perfect accord with the mystic teaching which says, that love extends beyond the grave.

17. Les Etoiles – Paul Foster Case

Corresponds, through the letter Tzaddi, to the sign Aquarius. It is a card which always intimates that the truth of the matter which interests the Querent is to be made manifest. It usually indicates assistance from friends.

Les Etoiles – well-dignified

It promises unexpected help, and the realization of hopes and wishes.

Les Etoiles – ill-dignified

Unreliable friends, a tendency to impracticality or dreaminess on the part of the Querent, loss through acquaintances.

Ouspensky: XVII

The real aspect of the Astral World. That which maybe seen in extasy. The imagination of Nature. Real Knowledge. Occultism.

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The Star tarot meanings - Hope and dreams fulfilled
The Star indicates that dreams and aspirations will come true. A sense of well-being and confidence. Realization of possibilities, spiritual insight,

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