Cups Minor Arcana

The Cups Minor Arcana cards relate to water and the emotions, generally a feeling of wellness and happiness. There are romantic aspects, feelings towards others. The primary symbol is the cup or grail, which can contain blood as well as water. The Queens and Binah are the level on the Tree of Life.

  • Ace of Cups  The birth of emotions and feelings. Potential for creation. Stirrings of love, or looking for love.
  • Two – Love Happiness in relationships, comfortable in relationships.
  • Three – Abundance Expectations arising from the union of the Two of Cups. Pregnancy, a birth, engagement or marriage
  • Four – Luxury Sumptuous living, indulgence in comfort or enjoyment. Archaically, luxury means lust or lechery.
  • Five – Disappointment failure, defeat, frustration.
  • Six – Pleasure the state of being pleased, satisfaction, enjoyment.
  • Seven – Debauch To corrupt by sensuality, to seduce. Archaically to lead away from allegiance or duty.
  • Eight – Indolence The quality or state of being indolent, or slothful.
  • Nine – Happiness A perfect balance between fulfilling your own pleasures and the pleasures you give. A very happy phase in your life.
  • Ten – Satiety Trying to keep up the happiness you have experienced already takes a lot of work and effort, as you are now discovering.
  • Knight of Cups An older man who is a dreamer or very creative. He may be difficult to ‘read
  • Queen of Cups is  dreamy and rather passive about things. Her views tend to show those of people she is influenced by.
  • Prince of Cups The airy part of Water. The symbolism is a lot to do with Scorpio, as he rules the last decanate of Libra going into the first two decanates of Scorpio. He has an intense secret nature – on the surface he is calm, but underneath is intense passion, and as a result, people do not trust him.
  • Princess of Cups  The character of the Princess is infinitely gracious. All sweetness, all voluptuousness, gentleness, kindness and tenderness are in her character. She lives in the world of Romance, in the perpetual dream of rapture.

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Meanings of the Cups Minor Arcana
The Cups Minor Arcana cards relate to water and the emotions, generally a feeling of wellness and happiness. Romantic aspects, feelings towards others.

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