Six – Pleasure

Six of Cups – Pleasure

Pleasure is the state of being pleased, satisfaction, enjoyment.

The Six of Cups suggests that trying to make someone happy is ultimately doomed to failure. Now is the time that you realise that not only does happiness come within, but also you have to pursue your own happiness and fulfilment. You realise that inner fulfilment allows you to express your own feelings and pleasure to your partner.

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Image of Six of Cups - Rider-Waite
Six of Cups – Rider-Waite

Children in an old garden, their cups filled with flowers.

A card of the past and memories, looking back, as — for example — on childhood; happiness, enjoyment, but coming rather from the past; things that have vanished. Another reading reverses this, giving new relations, new knowledge, new environment, and then the children are disporting in an unfamiliar precinct.

Book of Thoth – Pleasure

Six of Cups - PleasureThe Six of Cups is called Pleasure. This pleasure is a kind of pleasure which is completely harmonized. The zodiacal sign governing the card being Scorpio, pleasure is here rooted in its most convenient soil. This is pre-eminently a fertile card; it is one of the best in the pack.

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Golden Dawn – Lord of Pleasure

The joy of will manifest, the questioner’s Work in its fullness.


The Past, passed by, Faded, Vanished, Disappeared.


The Future, that which is to come, Shortly, Soon.

Image of Etteilla Six of Cups
Etteilla Six of Cups


The Past, Times Gone By, Wilted, Faded, Formerly, Earlier, Previously, Long Ago, In The Olden Days. Old Age, Decrepitude, Antiquity.


Advent, Future. After, Following, Subsequently, Later. Regeneration, Resurrection. Reproduction, Renewal, Repetition.

Thierens: Six of Cups

The past, memories, looking back. Antiquity, ancient things, etc. Reversed: Afterwards, regeneration, resurrection, renovation, etc. Another version says: “Happiness, enjoyment, but coming rather from the past…” (W.) Sometimes “new relations, new knowledge, new environment….”
The Water of the soul on the house of Taurus, the Second, house of exaltation of the Moon. The latter is no doubt responsible for the addictions concerning memory and the past. The rest of the traditional descriptions, however, are rather rudimentary. There is more to be said of this house: it is full of meaning, as we already have seen, in the line of art, economy, etc. It relates to the country, and in connection with the latter the card will indicate rustic pleasures, enjoyment of country life and restoration to health by residence on the land. Happiness is surely a characteristic of this card, but we should say particularly in a simple and country life. Further we ascribe much artistic value to it, especially in painting, love for the picturesque. It means receptivity for beautiful impressions in general. On the other hand it may denote a love of good cheer and feasting. Good health and good humour are certainly results of this combination. On account of the Taurian qualities it will impart the tendency to collect objects of art and of antiquarian value; also an instinctive understanding of the same, so it promotes dealing in such objects. Appreciation of music in the lighter style, love of the theatre, but love of Nature above all.
Happiness, feeling of riches in oneself, joy, enjoyment, love of Nature and country life; the picturesque, painting, instinctive knowledge of art and antiquarian value; love of the lighter sorts of music and theatre; good health, good cheer, feasting. Receptivity for beauty. The only drawback may be the tendency to dissipation. Taurus, the everlasting, may indeed produce impressions of the past as well as of the future.

Paul Foster-Case – Betterment

The King in the Vesica is a reminder that one of the titles of the number 6, or Beauty, in the Qabalah is Melek, the King.

Time period

The second decanate of Scorpio, under the combined influences of Jupiter and Neptune, from November 2nd to 11th.


Deep emotions, ardor, enthusiasm, generosity; money through marriage of business partner, or by inheritance; the beginning of steady gain in

business or pleasure, but beginning only; peculiar circumstances.


Deceit in reference to partner’s money; loss of money inherited through some sort of swindle; danger of death on water, or through poisons or anesthetics; some reversal of fortune.

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Six of Cups Pleasure minor tarot card meanings
Six of Cups Pleasure suggests that trying to make someone happy is ultimately doomed to failure. This is a fertile card; it is one of the best in the pack.

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