Three – Abundance

Three - Abundance

Three of Cups – Abundance

Abundance means plentiful, excess, affluence or wealth. The antonym is scarcity.

The Three of Cups shows expectations arising from the union of the Two. This can be pregnancy, a birth, engagement or marriage proposal, or maybe a romantic interlude. Either way, those expectations are very likely to happen. Joy and celebrations.

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Image of Three of Cups - Rider-Waite
Three of Cups – Rider-Waite

Maidens in a garden-ground with cups uplifted, as if pledging one another.

The conclusion of any matter in plenty, perfection and merriment; happy issue, victory, fulfillment, solace, healing.

Additional Meanings: Unexpected advancement for a military man.


Expedition, dispatch, achievement, end. It signifies also the side of excess in physical enjoyment, and the pleasures of the senses.

Additional Meanings: Consolation, cure, end of the business.

Book of Thoth – Abundance

Image of Three of Cups - Abundance, in Book of Thoth
Three of Cups – Abundance

The Three of Cups is called the Lord of Abundance. The idea of love has come to fruition; but this is now sufficiently far down the Tree to introduce a very definite differentiation between the suits, which was not previously possible.

The Three of Cups is a great indicator of dreams coming true.

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Golden Dawn – Lord of Abundance

Correct judgement; full measure of all good things upon proper understanding of the situation at hand; a verdict of law that offers benefit, pleasure and prosperity; the understanding of death gives one access to the pleasures of life.


Success, Triumph, Victory, Favorable Issue.


Expedition of business, Quickness, Celerity, Vigilance.

Image of Etteilla Three of Cups
Etteilla Three of Cups


Success, Science, Fortunate Outcome, Happy Issue, Victory. Healing, Cure, Relief. Fulfillment. Perfection.


Expedition, Dispatch, Execution, Achievement, End, Conclusion, Termination, Accomplishment.


Success, happy issue, lucky solution, victory, accomplishment, cure, healing, fulfilment. Matter in plenty, perfection, merriment. Reversed it is said to denote: Expedition of affairs, dispatches, achievements, end, conclusion, etc.
The Water on the house of friends, the Eleventh, must bring concord, etc. Friendship, but on this airy house more platonic than that of the foregoing card. It is the house of surroundings so far mastered by the Ego and on this account ‘friendly.’ So the soul-life in surroundings that have been mastered will enjoy desirable and ‘good’ conditions and feel ‘happy.’ There is no feeling whatever of being hampered or thwarted, or depressed. All goes well and the general sensation is cheerful. It is the sign of a good time, good luck and general satisfaction. As the eleventh house also rules the blood, it is very favourable for health and eventual recuperation. Moreover this house has to do with commerce and business, and the card favours them beyond a doubt, giving a good understanding of opportunity and of the character and wishes of those with whom we have to do, so that we can supply what they ask.
‘A good time,’ favourable opportunities, commercial and intellectual friendship, success, good issue of everything; good health and eventual recuperation, healing. Being in good relations with people. Light-heartedness, joy, holidays.

Paul Foster-Case: Enjoyment

In the vesica, the letter H is surmounted by a flame refers to the second letter of IHVH, which letter is attributed by Qabalists to Understanding, or the number 3. Compare with the lamp on the 2 of Wands.

Time period

The second decante of Cancer, July 1st to 10th, ruled by the Scorpio aspect of Mars.


Activity, determination, practicality; fondness for pleasure and comfort; attachments and attractions to the opposite sex; pleasure, merriment, eating and drinking, plenty of new clothes, etc.


Sensuality; danger of the “triangle” situation; trouble through attachments or the opposite sex; prodigality; misunderstandings.

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Three of Cups Abundance tarot meanings
The Three of Cups shows expectations arising from the union of the Two of Cups. This can be pregnancy, a birth, engagement or marriage proposal,

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