Disks Minor Arcana

The Disks Minor Arcana relates to the element Earth, practicality, money, finance and business. The Sephirah Malkuth and the level of Assiah are also indicated.

  • Ace of Disks establishing a new basis in life. Creating new conditions for material success. A gift of money.
  • Two – Change the interchange of the new and old, which usually goes around in circles.
  • Three – Works the establishment of a new business or project that may have arisen out of the uncertainty of the Two of Pentacles.
  • Four – Power consolidation of a new business or venture so that it has solid foundations to build upon.
  • Five – Worry To torment oneself with disturbing thoughts, anxiety. To harass by biting etc. A feeling of disquiet. Testing the new project – finding strengths and weaknesses.
  • Six – Success accomplishment of goals, attainment of honours, wealth, position etc. Developing the project after re-assessing the result of testing in the Five of Disks. Looking for financing options, or rearranging finances.
  • Seven – Failure Borrowing money to finance a project. Coming up against obstacles to success. Hard work with no sign of success.
  • Eight – Prudence Improving project and ventures. A time for nurturing.
  • Nine – Gain making money from a project. There can also be a windfall or winning a cash prize. The expectation of gain from a project or venture that is not necessarily financial.
  • Ten – Wealth selling something for a profit. Financial gain, a pension.
  • Knight of Disks a practical, hard-working man. A business man.
  • Queen of Disks a practical woman, kind and affectionate, with an inclination towards alcohol.
  • Prince of Disks a hard-working young man, not particularly imaginative or ambitious.
  • Princess of Disks a young woman on the brink of transformation.

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Meanings of the Disks Minor Arcana
The Disks Minor Arcana relates to the element Earth, practicality, money, finance and business. The sephirah Malkuth and the level of Assiah also indicated.

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