Eight – Prudence

Eight of Disks - Prudence

Eight of Disks – Prudence

Eight of Disks Prudence has several meanings; being prudent, caution in practical matters, discretion. Regard for one’s interests. The antonym of prudence is rashness.

The Eight of Disks is about improving project and ventures. A time for nurturing.

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Rider-Waite: Eight of Pentacles

Image of Eight of Pentacles in the Rider-Waite tarot deck
Eight of Pentacles

An artist in stone at his work, which he exhibits in the form of trophies.

Work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft and business, perhaps in the preparatory stage.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles

Voided ambition, vanity, cupidity, exaction, usury. It may also signify the possession of skill, in the sense of the ingenious mind turned to cunning and intrigue.

Additional Meanings: The Querent will be compromised in a matter of money-lending.

Book of Thoth – Prudence – Eight of Disks

Image of Eight of Disks - Prudence in the Book of Thoth tarot deck
Eight of Disks – Prudence

The Eight of Disks is called Prudence. This card is a great deal better than the last two, because, in purely material matters, especially those relating to actual money, there is a sort of strength in doing nothing at all. The problem of every financier is, first of all, to gain time; if his resources are sufficient, he always beats the market.  “Putting something away for a rainy day”.

Its attribution is Sol in Virgo; the husbandman; he can do little more than sow the seed, sit back, and wait for the harvest. There is nothing noble; like all the Eights, it represents an element of calculation, and gambling is securely profitable if one has adjusted the cagnotte properly.

The Eight of Disks represents the geomantic figure Populus, which is an easy-going figure, and at the same time stable. One thinks of Queen Victoria’s time, of a man who is “something in the City” rolling up to Town with Albert the Good advertised by his watch- chain and his frock-coat; on the surface he is very affable, but he is nobody’s fool.

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Golden Dawn – Eight of Pentacles

Lord of Prudence

Family obligations fulfilled bring bounty to all; family obligations ignored bring destruction; wise rule; control of a situation used or misused. Excellent skill.

Mathers: Eight of Pentacles

A dark Girl, Beauty, Candor, Chastity, Innocence, Modesty

Reversed Eight of Pentacles

Flattery, Usury, Hypocrisy, Shifty.

Image of Etteilla Eight of Coins
Etteilla Eight of Coins

Etteilla: Eight of Coins

A Dark Girl, Passive, Great Night.

Reversed Eight of Coins

Lack of Ambition, Avarice, Usury.

Paul Foster Case – Eight of Coins

The symbol of Mercury on the cube refers to the Sphere of Mercury.

Time period

the first decanate of Virgo, under the rulership of Mercury, from August 23rd to September 1st.


Skill in the management of material affairs; industry; gain in subordinate positions, through writings, clerical work or travel; gain of ready money in small sums.


Avarice and hoarding; penny wisdom and pound foolishness; meanness in money matters; loss through travel or writings; the Querent is likely to be in difficulties with superiors and also with inferiors; he may lose through trying to overreach somebody else.



Thierens: 8 of Disks

A dark girl, honest girl. Reversed: usury, voided ambitions, vanity, cupidity, avarice. W. says: “Work, employment, commission, craftsmanship, skill in craft and business.” Another version has also: abundance, hospitality, politeness, kind reception, majority, augmentation, etc.
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Eight of Pentacles or Disks - Prudence tarot meanings - Improvement
The Eight of Disks is called Prudence. This card is a great deal better than the last two, because, in purely material matters especially relating to money,

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