Five – Worry

Five of Disks - Worry

Five of Disks – Worry

Worry means to torment oneself with disturbing thoughts, anxiety. To harass by biting etc. A feeling of disquiet.

The Five of Disks is about testing the new project – finding strengths and weaknesses.

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Rider-Waite: Five of Pentacles

Image of Five of Pentacles in the Rider-Waite tarot deck
Five of Pentacles

Two mendicants in a snow-storm pass a lighted casement.

The card foretells material trouble above all, whether in the form illustrated — that is, destitution — or otherwise. For some cartomancists, it is a card of love and lovers — wife, husband, friend, mistress; also concordance, affinities. These alternatives cannot be harmonized.

Additional Meanings: Conquest of Fortune by Reason.

Reversed Five of Pentacles

Disorder, chaos, ruin, discord, profligacy.

Additional meanings: Troubles in love.

Book of Thoth – Worry – Five of Disks

Image of Five of Disks - Worry in the Book of Thoth tarot deck
Five of Disks – Worry

The Five of Disks is in equally evil case. The soft quiet of the Four has been completely overthrown; the card is called Worry. [See Skeat, Etymological Dictionary. The idea is of strangling, as dogs worry sheep. Note the identity with Sphinx.] The economic system has broken down; there is no more balance between the social orders. Disks being as they are, stolid and obstinate, as compared with the other weapons, for their revolution serves to stabilize them, there is no action, at least not in its own ambit, that can affect the issue.

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Golden Dawn – Five of Pentacles

Lord of Material Trouble

Containment of great internal or external pressures; stress; strain; worry that arises as a result of this constant pressure. (The strength to stand solidly before threat or adversity.)

Mathers: Five of Pentacles

Lover or Mistress, Love, Sweetness, Affection, Pure and Chaste Love.

Reversed Five of Pentacles

Disgraceful Love, Imprudence, License, Profligacy.

Image of Etteilla Five of Coins
Etteilla Five of Coins

Etteilla: Five of Coins

Lover, Person In Love, Chivalrous Man, Refined Woman, Husband, Wife, Spouse, Friend. Paramour, Mistress. Love, Cherish, Adore. Harmony, Accord, Suitable Character, Presentable, Decorum.

Reversed Five of Coins

Muddled, Disorganization. Debauchery, Disorder, Trouble, Confusion, Chaos. Damage, Ravage, Ruin. Dissipation, Wasting. Dissoluteness, Licentiousness. Discord, Disharmony, Conflict.

Paul Foster Case – Five of Coins

On the cube is the symbol of Mars, for among the Divine Numbers, 5 is the Sphere of Mars.

Time period

First decanate of Taurus, under the rulership of Venus, from April 20th to April 29th.


Labor, toil, the cultivation of the land; building, and plans concerning it; some anxiety over money.


Toil unrewarded; loss of money; poverty; trouble for the Querent through lack of imagination and foresight.


Uncertainty; material trouble.

Thierens: 8 of Pentacles

Lover, mistress, also husband and wife, friend, beloved person. Accord, convenience, well-being, affinity. Reversed they give: Bad conduct, ruin even, confusion, disorder, discord, dissipation, chaos, profligacy. Mr. W. says: “It foretells material trouble above all.”
The latter saying of Mr. W. is probably correct in any case, but we do not agree that the different renderings “cannot be harmonised.” The Fire of the heart on the Ninth house, that of Sagittarius, explains them all without difficulty. It is the emanation of love, which makes practically the lover and the mistress, e.g. husband and wife, when regularised by civil law, and friends, when between persons of the same sex, sympathy and popularity, enthusiasm, hopefulness, love of travelling, roaming about, which in weaker cases easily leads to Bohemian habits, carelessness, disorder and so on. Society will call this in many cases bad conduct, and find much to criticise. That the expansive nature indicated by this card causes ‘material troubles above all,’ is evident, because it means that more is given out than received, which in matters of this material world does in fact bring troubles. But of a sort that may be easily forgiven, and helped, if not carried too far.
Emanation, expansion, love-making and the consequences: lover, mistress, husband, wife, friend; sympathy, popularity, enthusiasm, hopefulness, well-being, affinity. Expenses, material troubles, and in weak cases: disorder, vagrancy, roaming about without aim, waywardness, bad conduct, profligacy, confusion, etc. It is sure to indicate love outside the lines of a legal marriage. Strong individualism, which however is probably ruled by a strong will and a good heart. Brilliancy, but sometimes lack of the sense of responsibility. Travelling or emigration will do much good.
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Five of Pentacles or Disks - Worry tarot meanings
Five of Disks or Five of Pentacles or is about testing the new project - finding strengths and weaknesses. Breakdown in the economic system.

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