Swords Minor Arcana

Two - Peace

The Swords Minor Arcana relate to the element air, which suggests  instability, division, and causing problems. Air relates to Yetsirah, the Princes and Tipareth, and the letter Vau of YHVH.

  • Ace of Swords Developing a sense of identity, causing separation. The birth of ideas and concepts.
  • Two – Peace The normal state  of harmony between countries or people. Freedom to do whatever one wants, a state of tranquility or serenity. The Two of Swords show attempts to reconcile difference.
  • Three – Sorrow Distress caused by loss, grief, disappointment or misfortune. The Three of Swords show irreconcilable differences manifest as time goes on.
  • Four – Truce A suspension of hostilities, a ceasefire. Temporary respite from pain. A time of rest and recuperation so that you can assimilate those potential hurts and loss experienced in the Three of Swords.
  • Five – Defeat To overcome in a conquest or battle. To frustrate or thwart, to eliminate. To render null and void, to annul.
  • Six – Science Systematic knowledge, facts or principles on any subject. Skill or proficiency. A time of outreach, travel, study and learning.
  • Seven – Futility Quality of being ineffective, useless.  Lack of purpose or meaning. Is all that inspiration, all those new ideas and experiences, were they worth it?
  • Eight – Interference To interfere. Electromagnetic waves that cancel each other out. Overlapping of languages. Continued thinking and analysis to the detriment of your emotional and physical needs results in ‘analysis paralysis’.
  • Nine – Cruelty The state of being cruel. In law, the conduct of a spouse that causes mental harm or physical suffering.
  • Ten – Ruin A destroyed or decayed building. Loss of hope or health.  The downfall or ruin of a person or thing. An antonym of ruin is construction or creation.
  • Knight of Swords a serious, professional man. He works in an office. A lawyer.
  • Queen of Swords is a sorrowful woman who has lost in love, or widowed.
  • Prince of Swords is a devious young man. Idealistic, full of political ideas.
  • Princess of Swords is a jealous young woman. She observes what is going on.

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Meanings of the Swords Minor Arcana
The Swords Minor Arcana relate to the element air, which has the connotation of instability, division, and causing problems.

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