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December 20, 2021(1 event)

High Priestess

December 21, 2021(1 event)

The Tower

December 22, 2021(2 events)


Page of Swords

December 23, 2021(2 events)

Page of Swords


December 24, 2021(2 events)

Page of Swords


December 25, 2021(2 events)

Page of Swords


December 26, 2021(2 events)

Page of Swords


How to make Predictions

Tarot predictions is easy when you know the secret. Every Tarot card, with some exceptions has an astrological attribution which can be related to a date period. This is true for the Major, Minor and Court cards and applies to all decks including the Rider-Waite deck.

When you look at the calendar you will see that every day is attributed to four different cards, and with practice you will easily see the patterns.

The time periods covered by the cards are:

  • 30 days – 12 Major arcana
  • 30 days – 12 Court cards
  • 10 days – 36 Minor Arcana
  • Day of the week – 7 Major Arcana

The Tarot cards you cannot make predictions with

These are the cards that do not have dates associated with them, therefore we cannot use them for predictions:

  • Aces
  • Pages (Rider-Waite) or Princesses
  • The Fool, The Hanged Man, Judgment (Aeon)

The reason is that these cards are elemental in some form. Aces are Spirit, Pages/Princesses are Earth, while the Fool is air, The Hanged Man is water and Judgment is fire.