Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac. Mutable earth ruled by Mercury.

Virgo is The Hermit in the Major Arcana and the 8, 9 and 10 of Disks or Pentacles.

Predictions: August 23 – September 22 and all Wednesdays.

Kabbalistic attributions of The Hermit

Hebrew Letter Yod – Y, value 10

The Virgin Man. Secret Seed of All. Secret of the Gate of Initiation

  • Y = Virgin Man
  • V = Secret Seed of All
  • D = Secret of the Gate of Initiation

Yod, a Hand, indicates the means of action. The doctrine is that the Universe is set in motion by the action of indivisible points (Hadit). The Hand being the symbol of creative and directive energy, is the polite equivalent of Spermatozoon, the true glyph.

Nine of Disks – Gain

Nine of Disks - Gain Gain means to get something desired, to win, to reach, to arrive at. The antonym of gain is lose. The Nine of Disks shows making money from a project. There can also be a windfall or winning a cash prize. The expectation of gain from a project or...

Ten of Disks Wealth

Ten of Disks - Wealth; Divinatory Meanings Wealth means an abundance of anything, a state of prosperity or affluence.  The antonym of wealth is poverty. The Ten of Pentacles or Ten of Disks suggests selling something for a profit. Financial gain, a pension....