Astrology: Timing Events

Predictions: Timing Events in Tarot Readings using Astrology

Timing events is a critical skill in reading the tarot and making predictions. Timing in Tarot and Astrology enables the Reader to pinpoint any day of the year to make a prediction. The twelve zodiac cards in the Major Arcana are associated with thirty days, while the Minor arcana 2-10 rule ten days each. The Knight, Queen and Prince of each element also represent 30 days, but, there is a 10 day overlap between them and the zodiac signs.

Tarot and Astrology
MajorCourt CardsMinorDates
(Moon ctd)Queen of Wands1020-30 PiscesMarch 11- March 20
Emperor20-10AriesMarch 21- March30
310-20March 31- Apr 10
Prince of Disks420-30Apr 11- Apr 20
Hierophant50-10TaurusApr 21- Apr 30
610-20May 1 – May 10
Knight of Swords720-30May 11 – May 20
Lovers80-10GeminiMay 21 – May 31
910-20Jun 1 – Jun 10
Queen of Cups1020-30Jun 11 – Jun 20
Chariot20-10CancerJun 21 – Jul 1
310-20Jul 2 – Jul 11
Prince of Wands420-30Jul 12 – Jul 21
Strength50-10LeoJul 22 – Aug 1
610-20Aug 2 – Aug 11
Knight of Disks720-30Aug 12 – Aug 22
Hermit80-10VirgoAug 23 – Sep 1
910-20Sep 2 – Sep 11
Queen of Swords1020-30Sep 12 – Sep 22
Justice20-10LibraSep 23 – Oct 2
310-20Oct 3 – Oct 12
Prince of Cups420-30Oct 13 – Oct 22
Death50-10ScorpioOct 23 – Nov 2
610-20Nov 3 – Nov 12
Knight of Wands720-30Nov 13 – Nov 22
Temperance80-10SagittariusNov 23 – Dec 2
910-20Dec 3 – Dec 12
Queen of Disks1020-30Dec 13 – Dec 21
Devil20-10CapricornDec 22 – Dec 30
310-20Dec 31 – Jan 9
Prince of Swords420-30Jan 10 -Jan 19
Star50-10AquariusJan 20 – Jan 29
610-20Jan 30 – Feb 8
Knight of Cups720-30Feb 9 – Feb 18
Moon80-10PiscesFeb 19 – Feb 28
910-20March 1 – March 10
Queen of Wands1020-30March 11 – March 20

Note the orderly structure to the attributions, which should help memorisation. Good Tarot decks will have most of this information on each card. The above can also be used to assign a Significator according to birth date.

As long as the tarot spread you use has a final or determinative position you can utilize the method if you remember to ignore the divinatory meaning, otherwise nothing but discord can happen in the first twenty days of June!

Timing astrology events in the Past

Time-travel is possible too. If the astrological aspect of a card points to the recent past – say a few months ago – you may find that events at that time are pertinent to the current situation facing the querent.

Fine-Tuning your Predictions

If the reading points to an event happening in the next month, it is possible to narrow down the period to approximately seven days. For this, we use the Aces. Knowledge of the Moon Phases is a useful skill:

Ace of Disks
First Quarter
Ace of Cups
2nd Quarter
Ace of Swords
3rd Quarter
Ace of Wands
4th Quarter

To determine the day, simply look to see if one of the planetary cards is significant:

Sun, The Sun
Moon, The High Priestess
Mars, The Tower
Mercury, The Magician
Jupiter, Fortune
Venus, Empress
Saturn, The World

The divinatory meanings of the cards are ignored, otherwise Tuesdays will always be disastrous… Conversely, if the reading suggests events are not particularly predictable, we might see either the Fool, the Hanged Man or Judgement cards in the “Outcome” position of a Spread.

Determining the Hour

Need more precision than a day? The traditional system of planetary hours comes to the rescue.

The Four Seasons

There are times when a vague prediction date is required. The Princesses do not have an astrological attribution, but they do represent the four seasons.

Princess of Wands
Princess of Cups
Princess of Swords
Princess of Disks

Study and learn, and you will have the ability to make predictions as accurately or vaguely as required, and depending on the situation. No other system of divination has such a range of timings.

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Predictions: Timing events using tarot and astrology
Timing events to make predictions for your clients using the tarot requires knowing the astrological attributions of the tarot cards.
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  1. A-Mazing! If I only had a brain! This is truly incredible. Thank you! I don’t expect that a reader would be able to do this sort of pinpointing during a regular reading?

    • Hi Melissa,

      The astrological information on timing events is very simple, but the application is difficult if you use positional spreads, as many of them do not have a position for the future, and often there will be many future events happening.
      This is why the Opening of the Key (OOTK) spread is so useful!

  2. Please bring the color coding back. It was easier to understand. Overall though, I love this chart. THANK YOU! I use it daily.

    • Hi Melissa,

      The css is still ther – I have to do a few tweaks to get it back. Glad you love it otherwise!


    • Hi Moca, thank you for contributing to the Hangout! Hope you can see now how important the info on timing events is. Next Hangout will be on the Planetary Major Arcana

  3. Really interesting. Definitely the best system to predict time.
    However I have a question. How come every time I draw a card to determine when an event will occur in my readings I feel like it’s not the correct answer or I know it’s definitely wrong. Some advice on this ? Should I use the whole deck or just the majors ?
    Also how to know if the event is gonna occur in this year or in 2 or 3 years time ??
    Thank you so much for sharing this unpriced knowledge. You really helping a lot of us.
    Best regards.

    • You are better off flipping a coin if you are only using one card – it is more accurate!

      You need to learn the Opening of the Key Spread, which I discuss extensively in the Tarot spread section, and then you will know how to make better predictions.


  4. Is there a more basic presentation of this that explains what the chart means, exactly? The relationship of the Moon, Q of Wands, #10, #’s 10-20 Pisces, as related by the chart, are a mystery to me.

    • Hi Bea,

      Quite simply, those cards all relate to the time of Pisces, which is from around 21st February to 21st of April. The court cards overlap these time periods, so if you go to the top of the table you will see that there is also part of Pisces. Hope this helps.