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Astrological Predictions for Tarot readers

Reading Tarot is usually about predictions in the real world. Astrologers have been asking similar questions using transits or progressions for centuries. Transits help us make astrological predictions used in tarot readings to show the aspects between the planetary natal positions, and future planetary positions. When doing a tarot reading, this information is not always available, but we can still use astrological indicators presented below to add depth to readings.

Each planet has two sections below: the general interpretation is from the Book of Thoth, then interpretations according to astrological transits for the planet. It is interesting to see just how much the astrological and tarot interpretations dovetail.

Image of Magician


  • Skill, wisdom, adroitness, elasticity, craft, cunning, deceit, theft. Sometimes occult wisdom or power, sometimes quick impulse, “a brain-wave”. It may imply messages, business transactions, interference of learning or intelligence with the matter in hand.
  • Paperwork, study, writing, talking, short journeys, movement. New ways of finding information, such as a book, or prophetic visions
  • Up to 2°30′ per day
  • Children or those dealing with children, communications or information
Image of High Priestess
High Priestess


  • Pure, exalted and gracious influence, the matter. Hence, change, alternation, increase and decrease, fluctuation. There is, however, a liability for over-enthusiasm; one may become “moon-struck” unless careful balance is maintained.
  • Mother, nurturing, children, body, emotions, responsiveness. Change in emotional response, changes in body rhythms, changes to feelings of security.
  • 12° per day approximately
  • Mother, children, loved ones that need nurturing,
Image of Empress


  • Love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, completion, good fortune, graciousness, elegance, luxury, idleness, dissipation, debauchery, friendship, gentleness, delight.
  • Relating to people or the world. Changing attitudes to people. Changes in sense of worth in respect to others. Examination of resources, which could be stretched.
  • 1°15′ per day
  • Young women, artists, lovers, dealers in money
Image of 10 Fortune in the Book of Thoth


  • Change of fortune. (This generally means good fortune because the fact of consultation implies anxiety or discontent.)
  • Transformation of one’s world-view. Expansion of knowledge or study area. Seeing the bigger picture.
  • 30° per year
  • Grandfather, teacher, guru, traveller, foreigner
The Tower in the Book of Law


  • Quarrel, combat, danger, ruin, destruction of plans, death, escape from prison.
  • Action, drive, inspired by a thought or idea, dealing with anger or aggression.
  • Up to 0°40′ per day
  • Angry or coarse young men or women, motivated sexual or energetic.
Image of Sun tarot card


  • Glory, gain, riches, triumph, pleasure, frankness, truth, shamelessness, arrogance, vanity, manifestation, recovery from sickness, but sometimes death.
  • Life, vitality, self, the life journey, seeking awareness of a situation, which can life enhancing or threatening.
  • 1° per day
  • Authority figures, a famous or superior person
Image of Universe/World


  • The matter of the question itself, synthesis, the end of the matter, may mean delay, opposition, obstinacy, inertia, patience, perseverance, persistent stubbornness in difficulty. Crystallization of the matter involved.
  • Responsibility, commitment, authority, building. Events taking shape or form. Consolidating situations. Accepting consequences for actions. Learning through restriction.
  • 12° per year
  • Authority figures. Individuals or groups for which you are responsible.

The outer planets relate to the Major corresponding to the Mother Letters of the Hebrew alphabet. As you can see, they move very slowly.

Image of Fool


  • Sudden change, freedom, awakening.
  • 4° per year
  • Unconventional, independent, chaotic, eccentric or rebellious. Someone who brings change or is non-committal. Responsibilities end suddenly.
Image of Hanged Man
Hanged Man


  • Loss, confusion, boundaries disappearing. Sense of hopelessness and indecision, wish to escape. A period of waiting. Slow crumbling of situations.
  • 1-2° per year
  • Victim or martyr, visionary person, grandmother or wise woman
Image of Aeon/Judgment


  • Deep emotional transformations. The ending of redundant patterns.
  • Approximately 1° per year
  • Mother figures, family members, those connected with death and dying.

The astrological table for each planet shows:

  • Indicators: Possible events
  • Time travel: The rate of movement of the planet on a daily or annual basis – useful for timing events, and shows how long situations may last.
  • People: General description of a person.
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Making astrological predictions using tarot
Astrological Predictions using transits can be used in tarot readings easily, even if you do not know the positions of the planets in the sky.

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