ED Tarot Spread

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This elemental dignity ED tarot spread reading is by a student in Pakistan. This tarot spread is good for understanding Elemental Dignities.

 Overview of the Tarot reading

Overall view about the percentage of cards is more cards from majors, no court cards and other minors.

Fire Level

In the fire level we see the principal card Lord of Oppression, Ten of Wands is surrounded by cups of celebration and success (Three of Cups and Ten of Cups). Since the base is fire we see the weakness of cups and strength of wands, indicating a bad marriage for the querent.

Water Level

In the water level the principal card Moon is surrounded by earth and air. Since air and earth are enemies and weaken each other the principal moon which is water is very strong in this place, indicating very strong negative emotion/situation for the querent, the querent is unhappy, feeling low and think of a deception of some kind. Because of strong negativity he is not able to see the choices available to him and support of his family.

Air Level

In the air level the principal Eight of Cups-rev is surrounded by water and earth. Death-rev water is neutral to Eight of Cups reversed and Four of Pentacles is weak in the air level. Eight of Cups reversed indicating a situation of disappointment and negativity is changing, yet the change is slow, Death reversed indicates a major change in his life and though the situation is changing but slowly.

Earth Level

In the earth level the principal Four of Swords is surrounded by Judgement (Fire) and Strength (Fire). Both modifiers are very strong to each other and to the principal yet acting as neutral in the earth level. The Lord of Peace from Strife is very weak in the earth level; the querent has left things up to higher power and is not struggling mentally as well as physically. He is receiving help from the higher power by strength and taking a definite step yet he seems weak to accept this.


A man/woman with a bad marriage, much affected emotionally, is getting back by getting its own strength from within leaving things in the divine fate, the universe supports the querent by showing to take final step and strength, yet the querent seems weak at this stage to accept it.

Suggested Action

The querent need to develop strength and objectivity in his thoughts and must take a definite step towards its future and break from the past.

Article Name
Elemental Dignity Tarot spread
An analysis and interpretation of the elemental dignity tarot spread as performed by a student, shows how simple it is to develop the techniques.

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