7 Card Tarot Spread

Seven Card Tarot Spread – the Planets

The Seven Card tarot spread has all kinds of mystical associations, particularly the planetary energies. However, the planets are not necessarily the best method for doing a reading, since the reader needs to have a method for reading the cards.

The planetary characteristics in the table below are alchemical.

Planetary attributes in tarot readings
PlanetElementRoman DeityGreek DeitySymbolic Meaning
SaturnEarthSaturnKronosTime, number, restriction, death
JupiterWaterJupiterZeusGood fortune, mercy, rulership
MarsFireMarsAresAggressiveness, power, war
SunFireApolloHeliosBeauty, poise, harmony, music
VenusEarthVenusAphroditeLove, pleasure, delight, abundance
MercuryAirMercuryHermesMagick, art, writing, trickery
MoonWaterDianaArtemisChaste, the hunt, dreams
Source: The Key Of It All: Book 2, David Allen Hulse


Since there are only seven planets, we cannot distribute the elements equally. In the diagram above, the positions of the planets follow the Tree of Life.

Analysing opposing planets

One method of reading this spread is to analyse the opposites; Mars/Venus, Moon/Saturn, and Mercury/Jupiter. The Sun at the centre has the role of harmonising the entire spread, and represents how the querent ‘shines’.

The planets do not have to be in the order suggested here they can all be in a circle with nothing at the centre.

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Seven Card Tarot Spread - the planets
The seven card tarot spread primarily concerns the seven planets and have all kinds of mystical associations, particularly the planetary energies.

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