Zodiac Tarot

Zodiac Tarot Spread

The Zodiac Tarot Spread has Twelve cards. The zodiac signs represent particular areas of life, and in divination are nothing to do with the Sun sign astrology, which is all about personality.

12 Houses of the zodiac

General meanings of the zodiac signs and the elemental attributions.


The Querent, situation. The first seed of the matter, inspiration and initiation. Pure heat, energy and drive. New projects, winning, wars, spiritual love, power, authority. Spiritual growth and experience.


The growth of a matter, the loss of something and how to recover it. Art and creative efforts – the financial results. Finance, banking, possessions, investments, farming, jewellery, clothes, loans, musical instruments. Storage, architecture, excavations, irrigations, crops, the home, family. Decorations, gardens, drugs or medicine.


Matters about thought and intellect. Communications, negotiations, debates, studies, philosophy, the abstract. Advertising, ideas and their outcome. Short journeys, commuting, neighbours, messages, news.


Matters concerning people, groups, congregations, psychic concerns, transformation, extremes in emotional concerns; spiritual love. The privacy of oneself and home, emotional and spiritual nourishment. Evocation and invocation, ceremonial initiation. Finding answers around difficulties, family concerns, and clearing up confusing issues.


To win or gain, business affairs working at a hidden level. Entertaining, the arts, music, teaching, birth. Hidden talents and secrets. To externalize what is within.


Matters of conjunction, union, recovery, health, physical problems, operations, alternative healing. Writing, studies, agriculture, employees, training, armed forces, chemicals, doctors, libraries, work Unions, assembly of groups or crowds. Computer analysis, finding work, education, workshops, commerce.


Matters requiring harmony and balance or impartiality. Putting desires into constructive thought. Beginning of ideas, contracts, diplomats and intermediaries. Intensive communication


Suffering and sacrifice required before spiritual progress is made. Searching for relief from suffering. Death and the afterlife. To find out the undercurrents, the hidden, secret thoughts. Spiritual regeneration, the occult, the hidden power of Spirit in the world. Human rights. Emotional matters.


Pure religion, spiritual gain and insight, travel and communication – particularly long distance. Philosophy, higher teaching. Political alliances between nations.


Matters that need great physical energy, struggle for attainment, to get power and authority, ceremonies, governments, professions/career, ambition, economy, employers, engineering, etc. Earthquakes, volcanos, passion, sexuality, competitive sports, fighting, crime, penalties, prisons. Corporate organizations, companies, directors, rulers. Animals, labour, mines, construction/building. Business ventures and their success or failure. Exploration.


Matters of socialism, societies, rebellions, disputes, reformation, the shedding of the old for the new. Where reason rules emotion. Where control is required. Sometimes about death, sadness and grief, condemnation, perversion. Stormy situations. Fortifying international friendships. Friends, companions, aeronautics, politics, service.


Future matters where the outcome depends on logic and reasoning guiding emotion. Expansion of the intellect and intuitive understanding of inner awareness, to find the value of a matter and to discover your enemies. Concerning one’s psychological health. For sensitive matters, understanding other’s attitudes or reactions. Advanced medical science and metaphysics, retreats. Locating the cause of matters. Travel over water. Sources of misfortune, but generally joy, health and present or future to come.

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Lesson on a powerful Zodiac astrology tarot spread
The Zodiac Tarot Spread has Twelve cards. The zodiac signs represent areas of life, and in divination is nothing to do with the Sun sign astrology.

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