Tarot Meanings

Tarot meanings are the basis of learning the tarot. Here you will find the many views and interpretations of these tarot card meanings, particularly from authorities such as the Golden Dawn, AE Waite, Aleister Crowley, McGregor Mathers, Etteilla, Paul Foster Case, PD Ouspensky, and Thierens, and my own insights and a YouTube video for each card.

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Tarot Meanings of Major Arcana

The 22 Tarot Major Arcana are the best known in the Tarot. The 22 arcana relate to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and the astrological attributions from the Sepher Yetsirah. There are many ways of understanding the order and symbolism explored on this site, particularly Liber 777. Many Major arcana in a reading indicate situations out of control of the client. In contrast, the client is in control with relatively few Major cards.

Tarot Meanings of Wands Minor Arcana

The Wands concern actions and will, the element fire and Atziluth and Chokmah, Wisdom, on the Tree of Life. The main symbol is the wand or stave. Many Wands in a reading suggest a dynamic situation, lots of change, possibly stressful.

Tarot Meanings of Cups Minor Arcana

The Cups are water, emotions and feelings, which includes relationships. The primary symbol is the cup or grail. On the Tree of Life, Cups associate to Binah, Understanding, and Briah. Many Cups in a reading shows a passive, fluid, or dreamy situation.

Tarot Meanings of Swords Minor Arcana

The Swords are Air, and are to do with the mind and intellect. The Sword is the primary symbol of air. On the Tree of Life, Swords relate to Tipareth and Yetsirah, Formation. Many Sword cards in a reading show problems and worries.

Tarot Meanings of Disks Minor Arcana

Originally known as pentacles, the Disks represent Earth, and Malkuth and Assiah on the Tree of Life. Disks suggest work, money and practical matters. Many Disks in  a reading show an emphasis on work and career, or dullness, or neglected areas of life.


Meanings of Court Cards

The sixteen Court cards divide into the four elements. The Knight is the father and Chokmah. The Queen is the mother and  Binah. The Prince is the son and Tipareth. The Princesses associate with Malkuth and Kether, and are from outside the Tree of Life.


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Tarot meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana
Tarot meanings from Book of Thoth, AE Waite, Aleister Crowley, the Golden Dawn, Mcgregor Mathers, Etteilla, Thierens, Ouspensky and Paul Foster Case.

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