4 The Emperor – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The Emperor: Son of the Morning, Chief among the Mighty

Divinatory Meanings of The Emperor

War, conquest, victory, strife, ambition.

MacGregor Mathers

Realization, Effect, Development.

Reversed meanings

Stoppage, Check, Immature, Unripe.

Attributions of The Emperor

Correct design of The Emperor

A flame-clad god bearing equivalent symbols

His attitude suggests the alchemical symbol of sulphur, and he is seated upon the Cubical Stone, whose sides show the Green Lion and White Eagle. Liber 777

Hebrew letter Heh – H

The Husband. Alchemical Sulphur. The Star is the Gate of the Sanctuary

Liber 777

Heh – A window, reminds us the Understanding (Heh being the letter of the Mother in Tetragrammaton) is the means by which the Light reaches us. The gap between the two strokes is the window.

Zodiac Sign


Aries rules from March 20-April 19. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, symbol the Ram. Aries is ruled by Mars. The Energy of Aries is stubborn, impulsive, and head strong. Arians are good at starting things, but not necessarily finishing them.

Path of Wisdom

The Fifteenth Path is the Constituting Intelligence, so called because it constitutes the substance of creation in pure darkness, and philosophers have spoken of these contemplations; it is that darkness spoken of in scripture (Job 38), “and thick darkness a swaddling band for it.”

Deities associated with The Emperor

Egyptian Gods

Men Thu

Flora and Fauna of The Emperor


Dragon’s Blood

Precious Stone


Ruby is the scarlet of Aries. It is also one of the hardest of precious stones.



The Owl is sacred to Aries as the bird of Minerva.


The Ram is traditional to Aries. The Ram is Aries by meaning. The attribution refers to its method of combatively butting. Note that the symbolism of the Lamb is by no means the same. it pertains rather to Tipareth in the formula of the Aeon of Osiris. This is all probably derived from the fact that the lamb is the tenderest meat available and therefore the priests insisted on lamb being sacrificed for their benefit. The true nature of the Lamb would be rather Venusian or Lunar, but it would be better to cut it altogether out of the symbolic scheme, because of the priestly connection which the idea has suffered.


Tiger Lily

The Tiger Lily is a traditional attribution to Aries


The Olive is sacred to Minerva


Geranium has a scarlet variety which is precisely the colour of Aries in the King Scale.

Magical Attributions of The Emperor

Magical Weapon


The Burin is used for engraving the Lamen, Pantacles, etc. Being a Knife, its character is martial, but also it pertains especially to Aries because it is used to indicate creative ideas of the Magician.


The Horns are those of the Ram: they signify the power of thought, the energy of Minerva.

Colour Scales of The Emperor

Knight Colour Scale


Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Brilliant Flame

Princess Colour Scale

Glowing Red

Controlled fire as in a furnace

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