9 The Hermit – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The Hermit: The Magus of the Voice of Light

Divinatory Meanings of The Hermit

Wisdom sought for and obtained from above. Divine inspiration (but active as opposed to the Lovers).

MacGregor Mathers

Prudence, Caution, Deliberation.

Reversed meanings

Over-Prudence, Timorousness, Fear.

Attributions of the Hermit

Correct design of The Hermit

Wrapped in a cloke and a cowl, an Ancient walketh, bearing a lamp and staff

Before him goeth upright the Royal Uraeus Serpent

Liber 777

Hebrew Letter Yod – Y

The Virgin Man. Secret Seed of All. Secret of the Gate of Initiation Y = Virgin Man V = Secret Seed of All D = Secret of the Gate of Initiation

Yod, a Hand, indicates the means of action. The doctrine is that the Universe is set in motion by the action of indivisible points (Hadit). The Hand being the symbol of creative and directive energy, is the polite equivalent of Spermatozoon, the true glyph.

The value of Yod is 10, and the astrological attribution is Virgo. The Hermit is the card associated.

Zodiac Sign


Virgo is the 6th Sign of the Zodiac ruled by Mercury. It is Mutable Earth. Predictions: August 23 – September 22 and all Wednesdays.

Path of Wisdom

The Twentieth Path is the Intelligence of Will, and is so called because it is the means of preparation of all and each created being, and by this intelligence the existence of the Primordial Wisdom becomes known.

Deities associated with The Hermit

Egyptian Gods


The Virgin

Greek Gods


He is of course a dying God but is  attributed here because of his mutilation which corresponds to Virgo.


Connection with Spring

Roman Gods


Connection with spring (yellowish-green colour in the Prince Scale)


The Virgin Goddess

Flora and Fauna of The Hermit



The Narcissus refers to the solitary tradition, The Hermit

Precious Stones


The Peridot is of the colour of Virgo in the Knight Scale.



The Rhinoceros – the single horn suggests Mercury. In the Dhammapada he is taken as the emblem of the Hermit.

Solitary animals

All animals which go solitary are attributed here, as also those which refuse to unite with others. This is connected not only with ATU IX but with the cold-bloodedness of Mercury.


The solitary and Hermetic nature.


The solitary nature of Virgo and The Hermit



The Snowdrop suggest the modest purity of Virgo


Lily suggest the modest purity of Virgo.


Mistletoe is indicated to The Hermit  by the macroscopic appearance of semen.

Magical Attributions of The Hermit

Magical Powers

Invisibility, Parthenogenesis, Initiation

Magical Weapon

The Lamp and Wand (Virile Force reserved), the Bread

The Lamp and Wand appear in ATU IX as the weapons of the Hermit. This Wand is concealed: it is the virile energy reserved. This Lamp has the same significance and is not to be confused with other lamps.  The Bread is the natural product, the fertile earth; it conveys sacramentally, “every word that cometh out of the mouth of God.”

Colour Scales of The Hermit

Knight Colour Scale

Green (yellowish)

Queen Colour Scale

Slate Grey

Prince Colour Scale

Green Grey

Princess Colour Scale

Plum colour

The perfection of virginity is fruitfulness.

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