The 4 Fives – Geburah

Tree of Life

The Four Fives Minor Arcana in the Book of Thoth and introducing the Naples arrangement in Liber 777

Magical Image of Geburah

“A mighty warrior in his chariot, armed and crowned”

Golden Dawn Grade

6=5 Adeptus Major

God Name in Assiah

Elohim Gibor

The attribution is natural.

Heaven of Assiah


Sphere of Mars

Path of Wisdom

The Fifth Path is called the Radical Intelligence, because it is itself the essence equal to the Unity, uniting itself to the primordial depths of Wisdom.


Egyptian Gods


The Lord of Force


The Lady of Severity balancing the mercy of Isis

Greek Gods


God of Fire in the partition between him and Zeus and Poseidon


Lord of War

Flora and Fauna



The Basilisk represents Geburah on account of its power of slaying with the flame of its glance.



The Nettle is Martial on account of its burning sting

Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica relates to Geburah on account of its tonic properties and the action of strychnine in causing the contraction of muscles with convulsive violence.



The Oak and Hickory are attributed Geburah because of the hardness of their wood.

Precious Stones


The Ruby represents flaming energy

Magical Attributions

Magical Weapons


The Chain represents the severity of the restrictions which must be placed on wandering thoughts: it might more properly be attributed to Daath. It does not really exist on the magician himself. Its function is to bind that which is above all Not-He. it is thus the only weapon which does not possess a definite unity of form and which has multiple units in its composition.


The Sword is the weapon of Mars, so also is the Spear. These weapons emphasize the fiery energy in the creative Lingam.


The Scourge is the weapon of severity as opposed to the Crook. This is the explanation of these two weapons being  crossed in the hands of the risen Osiris.

Magical Power

The Vision of Power

Magical Formula


Colour Scales

Knight Colour Scale


The orange suggests the energy of Geburah as opposed to other qualities of the Sun.

Queen Colour Scale

Scarlet Red

Prince Colour Scale

Bright Scarlet

Princess Colour Scale

Red, flecked Black

Red is the most passive shade of the scarlet of the two former scales. The black flecks show that in its perfection it receives the influence of Binah, the Supernal immediately above it on the Tree.

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