The 4 Fours – Chesed

Attributions of the Fours Minor Arcana on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

The Four Fours are in Chesed, and they represent stability and order.

Magical Image of Chesed

A mighty crowned and enthroned king.

Golden Dawn Grade

7=4 Adeptus Exemptus

God Name in Assiah


The name AL is used in many senses. Its deepest sense is given by The Book of the Law. The excuse for writing it here is that 4 represents Jupiter, the highest possible  manifestation of Deity.

Heaven of Assiah

TzDQ - Sphere of Jupiter

The Sphere of Jupiter: Tzedeq means righteousness; the inexorable law of Jupiter. The connection of this with the number 4 depends on the aspect of 4 as the square of 2, the limitation of the Dyad further fixed by self-multiplication, the introduction of a new dimension. 4 is thus a number of rigidity or materiality. Hence its ideal quality is inexorable righteousness. Yet, in connection with this, remember that Chesed means Mercy and 4 is Daleth, the letter of Venus, Love. Consideration of this is very helpful in understanding the way in which a Sephirah combines widely diverse ideas.

Path of Wisdom

The Fourth Path is named Cohesive, or Receptacular Intelligence, and is so called because it contains all the holy powers, and from it emanate all the spiritual virtues with the most exalted essences: they emanate one from the other by the power of the primordial emanation, The Highest Crown.

Deities associated with Chesed

Egyptian Gods


The Nile Goddess




The Father

Greek Gods


Lord of Water

Roman Gods


Libitina is connected with the amniotic fluid.

Flora and Fauna Associated with Chesed



Unicorn, traditional to Chesed. It is probably connected with the erect phallus of Amoun. The Unicorn is also Jupiterean, as connected with the horse of Sagittarius.



The Shamrock of four leaves, a good luck plant, suggests Jupiter.


The Olive is attributed to Jupiter because of its softness and richness. Its colour furthermore suggests that of the watery part of Malkuth in the Queen Scale.

Precious Stones


The Sapphire pertains to Chesed because of the blue of water and of Jupiter (Daleth = 4) in the King Scale and of Jupiter in the Queen Scale.

Opium Poppy

The Opium Poppy is Jupiterian as giving relief from pain, quiet, and olympian detachment.

Magical Attributions of Chesed

Magical Weapon


The Crook is the weapon of Chesed - Mercy as opposed to the scourge of Geburah.


The Sceptre is the weapon of authority referring to Jupiter (Gedulah - magnificence).


The Wand is the reflection of the Lingam  as the paternal power of Chesed in the solidification of the male creative energy of Chokmah.

Magical Power

The Vision of Love

Magical Formula


Colour Scales for Chesed

Knight Colour Scale

Deep Violet

The deep violet is episcopal. It combines 2 and 3, a bishop being the manifestation of heavenly or starry existence manifested through the principle of blood or animal life.

Queen Colour Scale



Prince Colour Scale

Deep Purple

Princess Colour Scale

Deep Azure, flecked Yellow

Deep azure represents Jupiter and Water. It is flecked with yellow. This represents religious meditation; the yellow flecks are the first marks of ecstasy.


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