The 4 Threes – Binah

The Threes are at the level of manifestation, of creativity in Binah.

Magical Image of Binah

Almost any female image shows some aspect of Binah

Heaven of Assiah

ShBThY – Sphere of Saturn

Shabatai represents Saturn as the planet of repose, of darkness, and perhaps, as the category of Time. Note that Saturn is attributed to Daath in the hexagram of the planets. This is the creative Saturn, the hidden God, and the Daath of the apex of the upper triangle of the hexagram is in reality a concentration of the Trinity of the Supernals. The hexagram must not be like “the Stooping Dragon,”crowned with a falsity.

Golden Dawn Grade

8=3 Magister Templi

Egyptian Gods

Maut the Mother Vulture requiring to be impregnated by Air, the Logos

Isis as the Mother

Nephthys as the Mother in her dark aspect.

Greek Gods

Hecate, Dark Moon

Psyche is the Neshamah

Roman Gods


Juno Dark Goddess


The Bee is the traditional attribution of the Yoni


The Ivy has dark leaves and its clinging nature reminds us of feminine or curving growth – Binah.

The Lily suggests the purity of the Great Mother.

The Cypress pertains to Saturn.

The Lotus is the general feminine symbol.

Precious Stones

The Star Sapphire suggests the expanse of night with the Star appearing in the midst thereof. Note that this light is not in the stone itself  but is due to the internal structure.  The doctrine is that the stars are formed in the body of night by virtue of the form of that night by the impact of the energy of a higher plane.

The Opium Poppy is connected with sleep, night and understanding.

The Pearl is referred to Binah on account of its being the typical stone of the sea. It is formed by concentric spheres of hard brilliant substance, the centre being a particle of dust.. Thus, that dust which is all that remains of the Exempt Adept after he has crossed the Abyss, is gradually surrounded by sphere after sphere of shining splendour, so that he becomes a fitting ornament for the bosom of the Great Mother.


Myrrh is traditionally the odour of sorrow and bitterness; it is the dark and passive side of Binah.

Civet, “the uncleanly flux of a cat,” corresponds to Musk as Binah to Chokmah, its origin being feminine.

Magical Weapon

The Outer Robe refers to the darkness of Binah. The A. A. Star refers to the aspiration.

The Yoni represents Neshamah.

Magical Power

The Vision of Sorrow

Magical Formula



Knight Colour Scale

The crimson represents blood. Compare the symbolism of the Scarlet Woman and her Cup in Liber 418.

Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

Dark Brown

Princess Colour Scale

Grey, flecked Pink. As the grey of Chokmah was perfected to the white of Kether, so the black of Binah is perfected to the grey of Chokmah. The grey is flecked with the pink of Tipareth. This is the dawn of the child with which she is heavy, for this is the symbol of her perfection.

Path of Wisdom

The Third Path is the Sanctifying Intelligence, and is the basis of foundation of Primordial Wisdom, which is called the Former of faith, and its roots: It is the parent of Faith, from which virtues doth Faith emanate.

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