The 4 Twos – Chokmah

The Twos are manifestation of the elements in Chokmah, not the Aces, and here we see why. In fact, the Twos Minor cards represent the purity of the elements.

Magical Image of Chokmah

Almost any male images shows some aspect of Chokmah.

Golden Dawn Grade

9=2 Magus

God Name in Assiah

YH. Yah gives the title of the Father.

Heaven of Assiah

MAZLVTh – Sphere of the Zodiac or Fixed Stars

Egyptian Gods

Thoth as the Logos

Amoun as the Creative Chiah

Nuit as connected with Mazloth

Greek Gods

Hermes as the Messenger or Logos

Uranus as the Starry Heaven.

Athena as the Wisdom which springs full-armed from the brain of Zeus.

Roman Gods

Janus is the Dyad.




The Bo or Pipal tree was the shelter of the Buddha at the moment of his enlightenment. Furthermore, its leaves suggest his phallus.


The Amaranth is the flower of immortality. It is here placed in Chokmah in order to symbolize that quality of the Yod of Tetragrammaton, for the principle of Chiah.

Precious Stones

The Star Ruby represents the male energy of the Creator Star.

Turquoise suggests Mazloth, so also does the Star Sapphire, but this would be the sphere of Chokmah not its positive attribution.


The orchitic origin of Musk indicates Chokmah. This is the male aspect of the Work.

Magical Weapons

The Inner Robe symbolizes  the true Self of the magician,  his “unconscious” as the psychoanalysts call Chiah. The Description, however, its characteristic is totally incorrect. The Word is the intelligible expression of the Will of the creative energy of the Magus.

The Lingam is the symbol of the Chiah, the creative energy.

Magical Powers

The vision of God face to face

Magical Formula


Knight Colour Scale

Pure soft Blue.. The blue is that of the sky (Masloth), and appears in the background of the Two of Wands.

Prince Colour Scale

Blue pearl grey, like mother of pearl

Princess Colour Scale

White, flecked Red, Blue and Yellow. Red, blue, and yellow are the results of the creative energy of Chokmah and their white basis signifies that Chokmah has been perfected by fulfilling his function in this way. Also, the robe of the perfected Osiris is white flecked with red, blue, and yellow.

Path of Wisdom

The Second Path is that of the Illuminating Intelligence. It is the Crown of Creation, and the Splendour of the Unity, equalling it. It is exalted above every bead, and named by the Kabbalists the Second Glory.

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