The 4 Aces – Kether

Kether associations on the Tree of Life

The four Aces represent a powerful system of magick using time and space around the Pole Star and Kether that is entirely missed when we focus on the symbolism of the cards.

Magical Image of Kether

Ancient bearded king seen in profile

Golden Dawn Grade

10=1 Ipsissimus

God Name in Assiah


Eheieh. pure existence, belongs to 1. The sound of the word represents the indrawn and outdrawn breath.

Heaven of Assiah


The primum mobile – or “beginning of whirling motion” – tells us that Kether is the point from which we measure motion. The Sephiroth might even perhaps be considered as co-ordinate axes.

Path of Wisdom

The First Path is called the Admirable Intelligence, The Highest Crown – for it is the Light giving the comprehension of that First Principle which has no beginning, and it is the Primal Glory, for no created being can attain to its essence.

Deities associated with Kether

Egyptian Gods


Ptah is the Creator, being represented as a mummy with no gestures. It signifies that Kether has no attributes.


Heru-Ra-Ha contains the twin forms of the Lord of the Aeon. He is Kether to us in this time and place as being the highest positive conception of which we are capable.


Asar-un-Nefer is the perfected Osiris; this is Osiris brought to Kether.

Magical Attributions of Kether

Magical Weapon


The Crown is the meaning of Kether. It refers to the Supreme Divinity which the magician assumes in his working.


The Swastika symbolizes whirling energy, the initiation of all magical force – the Rashith-Ha-Gilgalim. There is a great deal of varied symbolism in this instrument, notably sexual; it demands a great deal of study to appreciate fully the virtue of this weapon. The Lamp is not a weapon; it is a light shining from above which illuminates the whole work.

Magical Power

Union with God

Flora and Fauna associated with Kether



Hawk pertains to Kether, as poised in the ether and beholding all things. Remember that Kether is primarily the individual point of view. The Soul beholds all things and changes the place according to its going. Thus in the Egyptian tradition the hawk is the symbol of the highest type of Godhead.


The Swan as representing Aum. See Liber LXV, Cap II, 17-25. See also Book of Lies, Cap XVII.




The branches of the Banyan tree take fresh roots where they touch the ground ans start new main stems: this is connected with the special idea of Kether implied in the Book of the Law.


The Almond in flower is connected with the Aaron’s Rod that budded. The Almond is the proper wood for the wand of the White magician, but the attribution to Kether should really be to the middle pillar as a whole.

Precious Stones


The Diamond is white brilliance; it is pure carbon, the foundation of all living structure. The atomic weight is 12, the number of Hua, the title of Kether (but this is a reference to the Zodiac which makes the connection with Zero, on the one hand, and 2, on the other).



Ambergris has comparatively little perfume of its own, but it has a virtue of bringing out the best of any others with which it may be mixed. In the same way,, Kether cannot be said to have any intrinsic qualities, but its influence brings out the highest faculties of those ideas which it illuminates.

Colour Scales of Kether

Knight Colour Scale


Brilliance represents the colourless luminosity of Kether

Queen Colour Scale


Prince Colour Scale

White Brilliance

Princess Colour Scale

White, flecked Gold

The white is a reflection of the white brilliance of Kether; but the gold is an ornament, and thus indicates the mystery of the Holy Guardian Angel, who finds added perfection when invoked by his client, the gold of Tipareth.

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