The 4 Sixes – Tipareth

The Sixes are in Tipareth, which connects to Kether – a positive sign of self-knowledge.

Magical Image of Tipareth

“A majestic king, a child, a crucified god”

Golden Dawn Grade

5=6 Adeptus Minor

God Name in Assiah

YHVH ALVH V-DOTh. Yehovah Eloah va-Daath. The reference is to Tipareth as the child of Chokmah and Binah. Daath (their first child) having failed to find a place on the Tree.

Heaven of Assiah

ShMSh – Sphere of Sol

Sphere of Sol, Shemesh, Hebrew for the Sun

Egyptian Gods



Asar, the prototype of man.


Harpocrates is of Tipareth as being the Child. Also he is the centre, asTipareth is the centre of the Ruach. His body is rose-pink, as in the Knight Scale of Tipareth.

Greek Gods

Bacchus, the inspirer of Harmony and Beauty


Adonis the dying God.

Apollo as the God of the Sun and male beauty.

Roman Gods

Aurora, Goddess of the Dawn, rose-pink of Tipareth.

Bacchus, the inspirer of Harmony and Beauty

Apollo the Sun God.


Lion, as the typical animal of Sol.

The Pelican represents the Redeemer feeding its children with its own blood, and for this reason it has been chosen as the special symbol of the Brethren of the R & C.

Child, as Vau of Tetragrammaton.

The Spider is particularly sacred to Tipareth. It is written that she “taketh hold with her hands and is in king’s palaces.” (The most characteristic title of Tipareth is the Palace of the King. ) She has six legs and is in the centre of her web exactly as Tipareth is in the centre of the Sephiroth of Ruach.

The Phoenix, on account of it symbolism of the 5=6 Grade of Adeptus Minor


The Vine is sacred to Dionysus

The Bay is the plant sacred to Apollo.

The Acacia is placed here as a symbol of resurrection as in the rituals of Free Masonry.

The Ash tree  is one of the most important of the solar trees; the wood is firm and elastic. The World-Ash represents the microcosm in legend. Yggdrasil is itself an Ash. Aswata, the World-Fig, should also be attributed here as the Tree itself in the microcosm.

Gorse, the sacred flower of the A. A. was chosen as their heraldic emblem to be a symbol of the Great Work. Its appearance is that of the Sun in full blaze, and suggests the burning bush of Moses. Its branches are exceedingly firm, as should be the Will of the Adept, and they are covered with sharp spikes, which symbolize, on the one hand, the phallic energy of the Will and, on the other, the pains which are gladly endured by one who puts forth his hand to pluck this bloom of sunlight splendour. Note that the Great Work is here concentrated in Tipareth, the attainment of the Grade corresponding to which is in fact the critical stage on the path of the Wise.

The Oak is also, and more properly attributed to Tipareth because of it was the sacred tree of the Druids, the representative in the vegetable kingdom of the Sun. Its strength is also taken as harmonious quality in man. Furthermore the Acorn is peculiarly phallic, and this is properly to be attributed to Tipareth because in this case the phallic symbol contains in itself the essence of the being to be reproduced.

Precious Stones

The Yellow Diamond suggests the reflection of Kether into Tipareth.

The Topaz is of the gold of the Sun. It is also traditionally associated with Tipareth.


The correctness of this should be intuitively perceived at once by every magician. Olibanum possesses a comprehensive catholic quality such as no other incense can boast.

Magical Weapons

The Rosy Cross is technically pertinent to Tipareth.

The Lamen represents the symbolic form of the Human Will and consciousness of the magician.

Magical Powers

The Vision of the Harmony of Things

Also the Mysteries of the Crucifixion

Magical Formula



Knight Colour Scale

Clear Pink Rose. The rose is that of dawn. The attribution therefore asserts the identity of the Sun and Horus and is thus implicated with the doctrine of the New Aeon.

Queen Colour Scale

Yellow (Gold)

Prince Colour Scale

Rich Salmon

Princess Colour Scale

Gold amber suggests the mellowness of harvest, which is the perfection of the rose-pink of dawn ,the spring of the day.

Path of Wisdom

The Sixth Path is called the Intelligence of the Mediating Influence, because in it are multiplied the influxes of the emanations; for it causes that affluence to flow into all the reservoirs of the Blessings, with which these themselves are united.

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