0 The Fool – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title of The Fool: The Spirit of Ether

Divinatory Meanings of The Fool

Idea, thought, spirituality, that which endeavours to rise above the material.

MacGregor Mathers

Folly, Expiation, Wavering.

Reversed meanings

Hesitation, Instability, Trouble arising there from.

Correct design of The Fool

He laughs: bearing a sphere containing Illusion in his left hand, but over his right shoulder, and a staff 463 lines long in his right. A lion and a dragon are at his feet, but he seems unaware of their attacks or caresses.

Liber 777

The title bears no resemblance to the description. The idea of the profile appears to relate to the sephiroth. Crowley’s Fool has the lion become a tiger, while the dragon is now a crocodile.

Letter Aleph – A

The Holy Ghost – Fool – Knight-Errant. Folly’s doom is ruin Aleph = The Holy Ghost – Fool – Knight-Errant Peh = Ruin


11. Aleph means an Ox, principally because the shape of the letter suggests the shape of a yoke. There is also a reference to the mildness and patience of Harpocrates: indeed, to his sexual innocence. The function of ploughing is clearly the chief idea involved: herein lies a paradox – to be studied in the last act of Parsifal. Aleph relates to the element air. It is related to The Fool, and has the value of 1

RVCh, Ruach – Air

Ruach means air, also breath and mind, thought being the expression in expansion of the union of Chokmah and Binah in the subconscious. Ruach is also translated Spirit – Latin Spiritus. There must be no confusion between this “Spirit” and that symbolized by the letter Shin. The distinctions are of the utmost importance, and so manifold and subtle that the subject demands a complete essay in itself.

God Name of Assiah


YHVH is given to Air because Jehovah is Jupiter, the Lord of Air. Yetsirah.

Path of Wisdom

The Eleventh Path is the Scintillating Intelligence, because it is the essence of that curtain which is placed close to the order of the disposition, upper and lower seeds (cause), and this is a special dignity given to it that it may be able to stand before the Face of the Cause of Causes.

Magical Attributions of The Fool

Magical Powers


Magical Weapon

The Fan

The Fan – this symbolizes the power to direct the forces of Air.

The Dagger

The Dagger, the characteristic elemental of Air.

Deities associated with The Fool

Egyptian Gods



The Lord of the Firmament

Greek Gods



God of Air

Roman Gods


God of the Winds

Flora and Fauna of The Fool



Precious Stones


Topaz is the pure transparent yellow of Air.




The crocodile appears on many versions of the Fool card, which is strange because crocodiles are to do with earth and water, while the Fool is airy. The answer lies in the Egyptian ideas of parthenogenesis relating to the crocodile and the vulture – virgin


Actual meaning of Aleph.

The Eagle

King of the birds.


As the Kerub of Air



Aspen resembles Air, by its trembling.

Colour Scales of The Fool

Knight Colour Scale

Bright Pale Yellow

Queen Colour Scale

Sky blue

Prince Colour Scale

Blue Emerald Green

Princess Colour Scale

Emerald, flecked Gold

Air has been made fertile, so that the golden flecks of the Sun are able to illumine it. Air is naturally barren. The green represents the Lotus on which Harpocrates is seated, or from which he is born.

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