6 The Lovers – Book of Thoth

The Lovers - Book of Thoth Major Arcana

The Lovers Tarot divinatory meanings

The Lovers tarot is about love and love affairs, it  implies a doubt or hesitation in where a relationship is at. Is the right person for me? In our friends and partners we look for kinship, some kind of similarity, as this familiar. The Lovers is really about choice – is this what we really want? A weak Lovers shows a lack of faith in our ability to make choices. If we screwed up in our choice of partner, where else has our judgement gone awry? Can we ever make a good choice again?

An obsession about choice . Of course, choice is not necessarily wide, but we are given the illusion that there is more on offer. Shops offer a wide choice – of what they want to sell us. Making a choice does not have to be unalterable; you can change your mind, but do it because the merits of the choice have changed, not because you have had a blonde moment.

Book of Thoth: Lovers

The Oracle of the Gods is the Child – Voice of Love
in Thine own Soul; hear thou it.
Heed not the Siren-Voice of Sense, or the Phantom-Voice of Reason: rest in Simplicity, and listen to the Silence.

Openness to inspiration, intuition, intelligence, second sight, childishness, frivolity, thoughtfulness divorced from practical consideration, indecision, self-contradiction, union in a shallow degree with others, instability, contradiction, triviality, the “high-brow”.

The Lovers is far more than relationships – it represents intuition and inspiration. Very often a choice needs to be made.

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