7 The Chariot – Book of Thoth

The Chariot Tarot divinatory meanings

The Chariot is about control – the driver is in charge of the horses pulling the chariot. The card is about getting us to where we want to go, and in this context, it follows naturally from the choices made in the Lovers. In order to travel at speed, we are generally sitting down or immobile in a protective chamber which moves faster than we can walk or run. This chamber protects us from the elements. A static chamber is a room or house, where we feel safe and protected. When it goes wrong, there is an inability to take control of life – it leads us rather than the other way round. Travel plans go wrong. We can not go where we want to.

Book of Thoth

The Issue of the Vulture, Two-in-One, conveyed;
this is the Chariot of Power.
TRINC: the last oracle.

Triumph, victory, hope, memory, digestion, violence in maintaining traditional ideas, the “die-hard”, ruthlessness, lust of destruction, obedience, faithfulness, authority under authority.

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  1. Karin Heinitz

    After listening to your interpretation of the Chariot – for you.

    When an amber day approaches,
    I clean and polish the chariot.
    I ask the sphynxes for a smooth ride.
    Not a drop must be spilled from the grail,
    entrusted to me to carry.

    With thanks for your work.


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