3 The Empress – Book of Thoth

The Empress - Book of Thoth Major Arcana

The Empress represents every kind of love, affection, sensuality, femininity, motherhood, fertility and creation. She is voluptuous, curvy, nurturing and caring. She cooks, bakes, keeps home, mothers you, and mothers everyone else. She cares about everyone, whether or not it is her business. She knows her role is at the centre of the family house. She will decorate your house – choose the colours, the fabrics, the styles. She will do the complete makeover. The Empress creates.

She represents the fertility and fructification of the Earth. She cares about the Earth. She will organise protests about the environment. She is passionate and earthy. She knows how to shake her bits. When the Empress is weak there may be fertility problems, a miscarriage or abortion. Love and creativity is at a low ebb or non-existent. Gone are the exuberant colours – everything is in monochrome.

This is the Harmony of the Universe, that Love unites the Will to create with the Understanding of that Creation: understand thou thine own Will.
Love and let love. Rejoice in every shape of love, and get thy rapture and thy nourishment thereof

Love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, success, completion, good fortune, graciousness, elegance, luxury, idleness, dissipation debauchery, friendship, gentleness, delight.

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