Three of Disks – Work

Three of Disks – Work

Work means the exertion or physical effort to achieve something. The materials for working on something. A place of employment.

The Three of Disks is the establishment of a new business or project that may have arisen out of the uncertainty of the Two of Disks.

Book of Thoth – Work – Three of Disks

The Three of Pentacles, in a similar manner, exhibits the result of the idea of Earth, of the crystallization of forces; and so the Three of Pentacles is called the Lord of Work. Something has definitely been done.

Magical Image of the Second Face of Capricorn in Picatrix

In the second face of Capricorn ascends two women, and a man looking towards a Bird flying in the Air; and the signification of these is for the requiring those things which cannot be done, and for the searching after those things which cannot be known:

The second or Succedent decan of Capricorn ruled by Venus from January 1st-10th

Picatrix describes the practical effort or work required to make manifest the aspirations.

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  1. lancas56

    Hi Paul,

    What would you say was the significance of this card appearing for four consecutive days in the same position (Present) in a seven card daily reading?

    • Paul-Hughes-Barlow


      I would say that you need to spend less time doing tarot readings, and more time doing whatever that card represents in your life (I am assuming it is for you). Either the issue is being ignored, or it requires energy to change the situation.

      Hope this helps!


  2. lancas56

    Thanks Paul.

    I take your first point but, I’m learning, so I need to practice regularly. I can understand the repetition idea. I did think that might be it. It is just that I haven’t come across so many repetitions before. I will have to have a good think about what it might apply to.

    Thank you for your prompt response and for a brilliant website.


    • Paul-Hughes-Barlow

      The Tarot is simply pointing out what is most important at the moment. I see this happening quite often with clients, after the first reading, a particular card(s) that were prominent, often appear in the same place in the second reading, which actually helps the client to realise they have to do something about it.

      For you, keep going with your studies, and do readings for real people, doesn’t matter if you don’t think you are ready (nobody feels ready when they start)



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