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Supertarot is over 1 week old!

Yeah, I know, Supertarot has been going for years, but now it is on WordPress, new possibilities open up. Timing wasn’t brilliant, when one of the database servers on my web host had a catastrophic failure. It took time to get back up and running, but the backups worked really well, without any intervention from me.

Turning Supertarot into a CMS was an interesting experience that was challenging, I have to admit. The navigation structure on the static site was a mess, and it took me ages to figure out a better slimmed down way. Things are way more interactive – please post comments and questions on the relevant pages so I get some more feedback.

The search function is really good, and hopefully you will find your favourite pages again.

Now that I am able to see the most popular pages at a glance, hopefully I will add to the website. For example, I was surprised at how popular Understanding Court Cards is so I need to think about what else can be done in that area.

Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Welcome to Supertarot!

Welcome to the new-look Supertarot website. Its been a long time coming…. I wanted to make it responsive using WordPress, but earlier versions were not quite up to it. I was having headaches with the navigation, not to mention the layouts of a number of the pages.

In the end I decided to do some drastic pruning, which made me think about what is the core of Supertarot? The Tarot meanings, Liber 777, Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, the Golden Dawn Opening of The Key Tarot spread, so the section on other tarot spreads disappeared, along with the section of the Tarot Masters.

Unfortunately transferring to WordPress inevitably means breaking all the links, but now we have a decent search bar at the top of the page so I hope there will not be too much heart break.

Now you can add comments and criticisms – nice to get some more feedback.


The Ace of Wands

Creating the Minor Arcana videos – stream of consciousness

I spent most of yesterday creating 40 Minor Arcana videos, as a commentary on them in the Book of Thoth.  One of the characteristics of the cards in Crowley’s version is that none of them have divinatory meanings as such. What Crowley does is to compare and contrast the energies two systems – the decanates and the sephiroth of the Tree of Life, adding in a sprinkling of various magical rituals, in particular sex magic. Continue reading

Extra resource on the meanings of groups of cards

Now this site is on WordPress, I can respond much quicker to problems,  issues or inspirations, and here is a good example.

In the process of converting the site I moved a page to a post on the meanings of groups of cards, such as three Queens, two aces, which got a comment, so now it is restored! This also sparked something extra which you can use to compare and contrast with your own experiences.

Adding to the Tarot card meanings

While I was working on the facelift for Supertarot, I did a few tweaks. Basically, the Astrology section, Liber 777 and the card meanings are all interlinked. If you want to know about say, the Hermit card, also look it up in Liber 777. Look closely, and you will see that the order of the Major Arcana is different between the meanings and Liber 777. This is deliberate!

Now, the first paragraph for each of the Minor Arcana concerns the dictionary meanings. I also paid a bit more attention to the titles of the Minor Arcana – Love, Abundance, Oppression, etc. There is a belief that reversed cards show the opposite interpretation. This does not work with dictionary definitions – not many of the titles of the 36 cards have antonyms. Furthermore, some meanings do not chime with the dictionary. Five of Swords Defeat is a good example, for to defeat means to win, overcome, but in the Tarot, it means to lose. Go figure.