2-The High Priestess

How would you connect Daath and the Abyss to the Tarot?

Placing the individual tarot cards on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is  an ubiquitous practice, but there is one glaring anomaly = that of Daath, and I must admit, It is not something I had considered until I started working on a revamp of the Liber 777 attributions of the Tarot on Supertarot. Let’s be clear: there is no tarot card that represents Daath, but if the Tarot is truly a representation of spiritual and magical realms, we need to find a way via a card, or through a tarot spread.

First of all, does the “false sephirah” Daath actually exist? Continue reading

OOTK Imbalance – suicide?

One thing the Opening of The Key Tarot spread is good at is representing the reality of the circumstances in a client’s life, in a way that is impossible for positional spreads. Positional spreads usually have one card in each position, which makes it difficult to see imbalance – 1=1=1=1=1 etc.

A good example of this happened recently. A lady in her sixties came to me for a reading, She was spiritual, teaching yoga successfully for  many years. Recently she told me she was feeling suicidal. Since we we were on Brighton Seafront, she was telling me how inviting the sea looked as she walked on the Pier. She had also been abused as a child.

Despite talking about suicide, she did not display the grief and trauma you would normally expect, so after a while we actually got around to looking at the tarot, using the Opening of the Key Tarot spread. The first stage is to cut the deck into four piles, and when she did this, we ended up with most of the card in the Earth/Future pile, and at the other extreme just two cards in the past. I suggested she interpret the cards (without turning them over), and I told her the meanings of the four piles. She laughed – “all that in my future!”. There were near to 60 cards in the future pile. “Yes,” I said, “you have the kitchen sink!” The top card of the 60 was the 6 Swords, “best to go on holiday” I said, and she told me she was going to Egypt in two days time.

The two cards in the Fire/Past pile, were, significantly the Knight of Wands and the Emperor, and she saw that as relating to abuse/trust issues with men.

There was no need to go into reading individual cards otherwise.  The lady left soon after with a spring in her step -

Liber 777 revisited – Daath

I have been working hard to better understand Liber 777, fuelled by the realisation that my section on Liber 777 had shortcomings. Its a real challenge, spiritually, and I have gone through something of an ordeal in the process. Sounds like I am a drama queen, but the energies of the Tarot really hit you.

One thing  I realised, which was rather a shock, was that I had omitted Daath. Having no Knowledge is a serious omission on Supertarot, which had to be remedied. Now, there is no tarot card or attribution corresponding to Daath, even so, it is now there.

To make Liber 777 more relevant, I renamed it to Spiritual and Magical Tarot Powers, which I hope you find useful!

thoth major x6

Tarot Hangouts

Last night I held my first Tarot Hangout about about the Thoth Tarot and reading the Tarot. We did some 3 card readings using Elemental Dignities for some of the students, and I looked at how the interpretation of 3 cards changes as extra cards are added to the permutations, and how the interpretation changes depending on who the client is – male, female, a parent, or child, etc. Continue reading

The Ace of Wands

Creating the Minor Arcana videos – stream of consciousness

I spent most of yesterday creating 40 Minor Arcana videos, as a commentary on them in the Book of Thoth.  One of the characteristics of the cards in Crowley’s version is that none of them have divinatory meanings as such. What Crowley does is to compare and contrast the energies two systems – the decanates and the sephiroth of the Tree of Life, adding in a sprinkling of various magical rituals, in particular sex magic. Continue reading


Is it worth comparing other decks to the Thoth Tarot?

I have noticed a few posts recently on other tarot blogs where  the writer compares Thoth tarot type decks with Aleister Crowley and Frieda  Harris’s original Thoth Tarot, and it is plain that the bloggers just don’t get it – it’s not their fault – blame the designers of the Thoth clones!  Is it worth comparing other decks to the Thoth Tarot? Continue reading

thoth minor cards

New video series on the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards

I have created a playlist on YouTube for the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards in the Book of Thoth. All the Minor cards from the Aces to the Tens, including Crowley’s innovation of the Naples Arrangement are included.

Individual videos are now included in the Aces to Tens of Liber 777