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Tarot reader Paul Hughes-BarlowPaul is a professional Tarot reader for over 25 years. He helps people from all walks of life with their problems, including love, relationships, work, career, travel and health. Paul is available for tarot readings in Brighton and London, and for online tarot readings.

The Tarot is a brilliant system for divination that gives answers to the many questions we have about our life.  Supertarot explores the many aspects to this system.

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Psychic tarot readings by telephone or Skype - no premium rates or hidden charges.

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There are no hidden extra charges for the online tarot reading. There is no premium rate number - you only pay the normal rate, or free with Skype, when available.

Tarot Books by Paul

Beyond the Celtic Cross by Paul Hughes-Barlow and Catherine ChapmanCo-written with Catherine Chapman, Beyond the Celtic Cross is the prequel to Tarot and the Magus. Suitable for beginners of Elemental Dignities, card counting, and pairing.

Tarot and the Magus by Paul Hughes-BarlowTarot and the Magus explores powerful and advanced divination techniques that can also be used for spiritual workings.

Signed copies are available - contact me for details.

International Clients Phone (+44) 791 863 7940 for a tarot reading. UK Clients call 0791 863 7940

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Tarot Card Meanings

All in one place the Tarot Meanings from AE Waite, Crowley, Ouspensky, McGregor Mathers, and the Golden Dawn.

The missing meanings - definitions of the Tarot cards, Sexuality and Tarot

Tarot Lessons

Free Tarot Lessons will help you to develop your skills. The Advanced Lessons are for professional tarot readers. NEW! A section on how to card count the Tarot

Tarot Spread examples

Learn the Tarot Spreads to give you an insight into how to read the cards better.

There are many kinds of Tarot spreads to learn.

Liber 777 & Tarot

Liber 777 is a compendium of attributes of the Tarot. Read the Tarot friendly version of Liber 777 that puts the Tarot at its heart.

Tarot & Astrology

Add the power of astrology to enhance your tarot reading skills. Astrology is brilliant for making accurate timings to your predictions.

Tarot Shamanism and Magic

Tarot has had a long association with magic

Tarot History

When and where did Tarot cards come from?


Exploring new ways of expressing and understanding the Tarot.

Videos of a real tarot reading

A series of videos demonstrating a real tarot reading - unscripted, as it happens.

TABI Tarot Workshop

Highlights from my workshop on Interpreting cards using Elemental Dignities at the TABI Conference in Birmingham July 2010