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Tarot Hangouts

Last night I held my first Tarot Hangout about about the Thoth Tarot and reading the Tarot. We did some 3 card readings using Elemental Dignities for some of the students, and I looked at how the interpretation of 3 cards changes as extra cards are added to the permutations, and how the interpretation changes depending on who the client is – male, female, a parent, or child, etc. Continue reading

The Ace of Wands

Creating the Minor Arcana videos – stream of consciousness

I spent most of yesterday creating 40 Minor Arcana videos, as a commentary on them in the Book of Thoth.  One of the characteristics of the cards in Crowley’s version is that none of them have divinatory meanings as such. What Crowley does is to compare and contrast the energies two systems – the decanates and the sephiroth of the Tree of Life, adding in a sprinkling of various magical rituals, in particular sex magic. Continue reading


Is it worth comparing other decks to the Thoth Tarot?

I have noticed a few posts recently on other tarot blogs where  the writer compares Thoth tarot type decks with Aleister Crowley and Frieda  Harris’s original Thoth Tarot, and it is plain that the bloggers just don’t get it – it’s not their fault – blame the designers of the Thoth clones!  Is it worth comparing other decks to the Thoth Tarot? Continue reading

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New video series on the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards

I have created a playlist on YouTube for the Minor Arcana and the Court Cards in the Book of Thoth. All the Minor cards from the Aces to the Tens, including Crowley’s innovation of the Naples Arrangement are included.

Individual videos are now included in the Aces to Tens of Liber 777

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Adding to the Tarot card meanings

While I was working on the facelift for Supertarot, I did a few tweaks adding to the tarot card meanings. Basically, the Astrology section, Liber 777 and the card meanings are all interlinked. If you want to know about say, the Hermit card, also look it up in Liber 777. Look closely, and you will see that the order of the Major Arcana is different between the meanings and Liber 777. This is deliberate!

Now, the first paragraph for each of the Minor Arcana concerns the dictionary meanings. I also paid a bit more attention to the titles of the Minor Arcana – Love, Abundance, Oppression, etc. There is a belief that reversed cards show the opposite interpretation. This does not work with dictionary definitions – not many of the titles of the 36 cards have antonyms. Furthermore, some meanings do not chime with the dictionary. Five of Swords Defeat is a good example, for to defeat means to win, overcome, but in the Tarot, it means to lose. Go figure.



Tarot, Gall’s Law and extreme programming

Tarot readers love complexity; tarot is a rich medium full of imagery, arcane concepts, mysticism, magic and philosophies in a smorgasbord of chicken soup. So what is Gall’s law to do with it? Is there any problem with that? You bet. We have lost the wood for the trees. In my view tarot needs to be deconstructed to its simplest forms, to rediscover a purity of order and structure that is mathematically based. If we do not, we cannot find new insights and uses for this already brilliant and powerful system.

A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.

John Gall

John Gall brilliantly summarises the nature of the beast. Tarot is way too complex – it has lost its simplicity. The complexity of tarot means that we can never know when we have made a mistake in interpretation, or what that mistake might be. The extension of Gall’s Law is taken into extreme programming, where systems are kept as simple as possible and then greater complexity can be added at a later stage. In tarot terms, complexity can be summarised as the divinatory meanings, which are to some extent arbitrary interpretations based upon different systems. Extreme tarot requires that the divinatory meanings have to be stripped out before real deconstruction can take place. Continue reading