Ten of Wands – Oppression

Oppression is the cruel or unjust exercise of power or authority. A heavy burden. The antonym is Justice.

The Ten of Wands means actions that started with a vague idea or an impulse has become <a monster that is out of control. Other people are cloning or using the idea. You are either no longer in control, or you have had enough. It is time to reinvent everything again with a return to the Ace.

Picatrix is the clear inspiration for oppression.

Book of Thoth

The Ten of Wands is called Oppression. This is what happens when one uses force, force, and nothing else but force all the time. Here looms the dull and heavy planet Saturn weighing down the fiery, ethereal side of Sagittarius; it brings out all the worst in Sagittarius. See the Archer, not shooting forth benign rays, but dealing the sharp rain of death! The Wand has conquered; it has done its work; it has done its work too well; it did not know when to stop; Government has become Tyranny. One thinks of the Hydra when one reflects that King Charles was beheaded in White hall!

Oppression and repression, from which the feeling is that there is no escape. Stupid and obstinate cruelty from others.

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20 Aeon – Book of Thoth

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Ace of Wands – Golden Dawn

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  1. Pablo Bianchi

    Hello Paul Hugues, I really like your blog. Could you tell me why did Paul Foster Case associated Sun in sagittarius with 10 of wands, and why did his description went completely different from the Golden Dawn? Also, I’m thinking on buying his tarot, than will I have to follow his associations, or can I keep the traditional one?


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