Queen of Cups – Book of Thoth

Queen of Cups divinatory meanings

The Queen of Cups is  dreamy and rather passive about things. Her views tend to reflect those of people she is influenced by.

Book of Thoth: Queen of Cups

The characteristics associated with the Queen of Cups are principally dreaminess, illusion and tranquillity. She is the perfect agent and patient, able to receive and transmit everything without herself being affected thereby. If ill-dignified, all these qualities are degraded.

Everything that passes through her is refracted and distorted. But, speaking generally, her characteristics depend mostly upon the influences which affect her.

Attributions of the Queen of Cups

Symbols of the Queen of Cups

  • Ibis
  • Crayfish in Cup
  • Lotus
  • Pool

Elemental Attribution

Water of Water

Zodiacal Attribution

20 Gemini – 20 Cancer

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