Lord of Perfected Success – 10 of Cups – Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn Title – Lord of Perfected Success

Divinatory meanings of 10 of Cups

Favourable outcome when the last words are said and the last things done.

MacGregor Mathers

The town wherein one resides, Honor, Consideration, Esteem, Virtue, Glory, Reputation.


Combat, Strife, Opposition, Differences, Dispute.

Astrological attributions

The third face of Pisces ruled by Mars rules from March 11th-20th

Magical Image of the Third Face of Pisces in Picatrix

In the third face of Pisces ascends a man naked, or a youth, and nigh him a beautiful maid, whose head is adorned with flowers, and it has his signification for rest, idleness, delight, fornication, and for embracing of women.

Picatrix commentary

The notion of “Satiety” is found towards the end of the description, “rest, idleness, delight, fornication …,” he has had enough, he is full.

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